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56 Days! - Can't Think Of An Appropriate Title So: Banana.



What have I done today to make me feel pro-o-oud? (Miranda reference) Well, my computer kept freezing on the 'Welcome' screen so I went all techy and investigated (by 'I went all techy' I mean I bashed the keyboard with two fists, then out of desperation rolled my head across it back and forth for 5 minutes) I clicked something good eventually and safe mode turned on without freezing on a black screen. I fired up Nortan and found 3 tracking cookies which is nothing really, but 6, yes, 6 Trojan.Malijava horses, which at first I thought meant I had spilt some horse-based curry on my computer, but after investigating it actually meant I had 'holes' in my java and needed to update it.

All fixed now but all of this worrying has turned on some protective maternal switch where I will not let any strangers (my family count as strangers) near baby Acer. I feed him a nutritious diet of electrical charge, plugged in constantly to make him nice and fat, and I feel the need to scan every 30 minutes. My poor little baby has been through a lot these past few hours cradles Oh dear, I think I need to change somebody's mousepad!

I forgot to mention that I've been kept on 30mg. I wanted to be put up, and my derm wanted me to be too but she called in 'the boss' (who, may I add, was very attractive) and he refused (who, may I add, was not attractive at all). I doubt I'll be finished for Christmas now but oh well, need to trust our doctors don't we?... mutters and grumbles.

And to end: 'She sells sea shells on the sea shore', which to be honest is the main cause of her problems. She would make a lot more money if she sold them somewhere where you couldn't just pick them yourself, and don't get me started on Humpty Dumpty!

* Gallery updated!


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You sure did get all techy. I'm in awe of your head rolling IT skills. My wireless keyboard died last week after it at first flirted with, and then make sweet love with coffee cup (without suitable protection). It of course ended in tears. My, highly developed technical skills went as far as plugging in the backup wired keyboard. Wireless Keyboard covered in coffee ejaculate is still sitting in naughty corner of desk. Drying off in shame.

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Well, I am often complimented on the formation of lumps and bumps on my head and their capability to press the right keys when rolled appropriately -smug- My [Goonies] Sloth-like cranium is a gift from the gods.

Are you going to attempt to reconnect the slut-keyboard once it has dried off? Also, you have backup keyboards?! You sound genuinely techy to me!

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I hope one day to have several -looks dramatically at the skies-

Haha, I wish Faithgirl!

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Wow, I am impressed. [_] (2 h@xor sk1llz 12 l337! I have a third of a degree in IT and I can barely put anything in safe-mode. But then again, I have a mac. What's a virus?

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'[_] (2 h@xor sk1llz 12 l337!'- *head explodes* I just tried to decode that and I can only make out 'skills' and a box at the beginning.

My degree in IT consists of being able to draw a good dinosaur stamping on a building on Paint (I should blog that one day) but when thousands of work files are at risk from numerous viruses you just get a rush of tech knowledge from nowhere .

"You may have your Mac, but you'll never take our Acers!" -Scottish accent required

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