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Well today food wise was good! Had my regular veggie bfast and then lunch of rice, beans, lots of veggies and avocado. I think that's been helping keep me full. but I woke up to see that my forehead is breaking out! ugh not sure if its related to recent diet slips or hormones or what...but it sucks :( Determined not to pop/pick them though and see if they go away relatively quickly. My face is so red! Its weird, sometimes I think my acne has improved and then I'll look more closely or more far away and it looks worse than ever. A lot of it seems like just red spots, not full blown pimples, but just inflammation. ALL over my cheeks. Wish I could figure out what thats from.

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Hi, congratulations with your food, hope your skins getting better. Just a word of advice, don't get too hung up about the whole diet-curing-acne thing. See, I've lead an incredibly healthy lifestyle all my life (tons of fruit/veg, exercise etc.) and still have spot problems, whereas junkies in my class who just eat pizza and chips have no spots at all. It's frustrating, believe me i know, but I guess I'm trying to say don't get too upset if the diet doesn't have the effect you expected, just keep trying different topical treatments till you find the one which works for you.

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