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Day 72



I'm halfway done! I wish I could say I felt like this course was going quickly, but it feels like I've been on Accutane forever! I read through all my blog postings since I started this course in August, and it made me realize just how much my skin has improved. I do still have one large cyst that I got injected (again) yesterday and one tiny cyst, both of which I have had since my second week on Accutane, but the rest of my skin looks great. The first few weeks on Accutane are rough not only because of the breakouts, but also because your skin looks terrible...it's red, flaky, your pours get huge, your lips are peeling, and it's impossible to cover with makeup. I think I've been so fixated on these lingering cysts that I haven't noticed that my skin has improved so much!

Like I said, I've got two lingering cysts, but I'm completely clear everywhere else and my red spots from past pimples are fading very quickly. I do get a little peeling every few days, but as long as I use Cerave cream twice a day, I'm fine. My lips are actually doing better because I stopped using Aquaphor...it's too thin and tends to wipe off so quickly, so I got Carmex and it's working much better for me. I've almost completely stopped washing my hair (I'll wash with conditioner only every few days and head & shoulders once a week) so my scalp is not flaking and my hair isn't getting dry. I do have a fair amount of joint pain, especially when I go on a long walk with my dog, but nothing too bad.

For the past few weeks my diet has been poor, so starting this week I am getting back on track and will cut out caffeine and as many carbs as possible, so hopefully I can get these last two cysts to go away!


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