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Move Along, Nothing To See Here



So my extra long day started out with a house inspection. Or should I say me waking up early, applying make-up and my most revealing outfit and laying seductively across our couch waiting to greet the inspector (maybe I should have done this...). So I'd written one ginormous inspection to-do list last week. Gosh, it was a beautiful thing, like I'm talking Hillary Clinton downright gorgeous, and I'd committed a good 1/2 hour of my life to it. Only to be yelled at by douche-bag roomie, that moving his mammoth sized toolbox, shoes and/or junk out of the living space should not be on the list and nor should moving a monstrous pile of (empty!) protein buckets mad.gif ...Anyway, we'd had an inspection about a week prior, which we failed dismally. We actually got rather abusive calls from the real estate claiming that we would be evicted, the house was that filthy, blah blah blah. The thing was we weren't notified of said first inspection. Living with 4 males and their girlfriends (a lot the time), and other friends staying (we actually had 10 people sleeping in the house the night before the first unknown inspection) means the house is always dirty, I've just stopped caring. So I nobly admitted our fault and asked for forgiveness and cited the lack of inspection notice, and they scheduled another one. So we spent all weekend cleaning the house (except douche-bag roomie, who feels that the only important thing to do was mow half the lawn), and it turned out pretty clean. However, let's just say that this inspector as an infant was overly concerned with anal stimulation, and the control or lack thereof of her excrement, and this was held onto into adulthood (I love Freud!), and her one lispy comment was "the skirting boards are dirty, but you know it's up to the owner". My Flying Spaghetti Monster, I feel sorry for her, problems with her bowels and a lisp, but do you have to take your bitterness out on us? saywhat.gif

After this, I spent the day working on assignments. I have three due on Friday. So it's pretty hectic. I don't work well unless under pressure, so I leave everything to the last minute, which in third year is about a few days beforehand. But the good news is I have money. So I can now afford study junk food (yay!). Is it bad that I'm more motivated by junk food than grades...pfft, who needs a degree, obesity is far greater life aspiration.

I'm going to start applying BP tinydan.gif at night for a while, because my skin is breaking out now. The stress has finally caught up! Admittedly I don't really like BP, it's harsh and it smells, but I'll use it just to stave off the mass oily pus exodus. And I'll keep you updated on my progress (what exciting news, my special special friends).

Peace Out. catdance.gif (I'm definitely loving my emoticons tonight)


Why is it that I find the dancing cat more disturbing than the image of you lying on the lounge in a seductive pose wearing a revealing outfit and makeup?

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...Actually I found the dirty-house thing way more disturbing than the image of him seductively draped across the sofa!

Glad you can finally afford to eat again, and good luck for the assessment due on Friday.

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Ha ha, I was mesmerised by the dancing cat for at least fifteen minutes of my life last night. It is giant and it sways its hips like its recently been on a tropical holiday, plus its pupils are obviously dilated indicating that it is high on ice, what's not to like?

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