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Day 40Ish..i Think



So its been ages since I've blogged, I've lost count of the days.Not much really changed just dryer than ever, my nosebleeds have gotten a little bit worse sometimes they wont stop for a while but if I hold a tissue there they calm down fairly fast mos tof the time, lips aren't too bad I finished my first chapstick today,gotta invest in a new one quick smart. I am drinkin crazy amounts of water, I can't get enough I always have a few bottles on the go, ready. I also keep getting patches on my arms, dry patches just randomly pop up. I have noticed my cheeks have been rosie too and my eyesget a bit irritated now and then like they are dry and itchy, I have been having a little bit of blurred vision mostly driving at night I notice this but its not too bad I can still see just a little out of focus.

You could say I've been eating fairly healthy, although I give into KFC a fair bit lol, DAMN U COL. SANDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drinking water mostley and eating fruit and veg a lot. My skin is ok ATM and it does seem to respond to what I've eaten. It's not clear though, not a lot of spots, just enough to annoy me, I have to moisturise everynight now unless I want flaky skin when I wake up. OK that's it I think so I guess I'll see yaz in a bit... BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stormtrooper.gif

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Could just eat a KFC right now -Homer Simpson drool noise-

I know what you mean about the out-of-focus eyes. It's not enough to properly impair vision but it's just enough to be irritating.

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