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Day 5 & 6



Day 5

The zit in my ear formed into some kind of awfulness over night!! It's so big that it's putting pressure on some kind of nerve or something important lol. I'm having trouble hearing and it hurts SO bad to smile or move my cheeks. It feels like an ear infection... but i know it's because of this stupid bump! My face and lips are still drying out. I'm peeling a little today and my face is a little red in sensitive spots. I have always gotten these painful creases in the corners of my mouth, especially when the weather changes to cold. Well, it's starting today and im not sure if it's because my skin is drying out. I'm hesitant to put the Rx cream on it that usually clears it right up. I'm really not sure if i'm supposed to consume alcohol while on accutane, but i drank a large glass of champagne and a large margarita while working at the furniture market today. It was a last minute thing, the money is good, but this zit in my ear hurt so bad that it was making me uncomfortable and it was giving me a headache. The alcohol worked wonders... until it wore off. After getting home i had to upload a paper no later then 11:55 pm, but my vision was so blurry from the headache that i didn't even make revisions or read it over to make sure it was ok, i just uploaded it to my instructor! I'm sure glad it was already completed before the headache.

Day 6

Everything is still dry, however the zit in my ear is hurting less today. My back and chest seem to be clearing up, or at least there aren't any new ones forming. I have a big bump in my scalp that is hurting a little and i can feel a bump near my nose that is forming. I'll post some pics ASAP.

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Hi!! I was wondering how it was going for you now!! I am about to be on day 5 and I am also noticing some dryness, my lips are beginning to dry out... keep us updated!

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