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Day 3 & 4



Day 3

I'm feeling pretty tired by the end of the day, which sucks but i think this is the best sleep I've ever had! I can feel the pimples forming under my skin and I'm a little worried. My lips feel kinda weird because they are so dry, but tolerable with aquaphor. I got a zit todayin the weirdest spot, on my upper thigh. It was swollen like a bug bite and when i sqeezed it, it popped like a zit. I hope it doesn't scar or nothing. My mood is good and I'm looking forward to being acne free!

Day 4

The pimple form my upper thigh has healed and you can't even tell it was ever there. I've had a few pimples surface, but they are actually a lot better then they usually are. I know i'm not supposed to but i have popped them and they are like "normal pimples" instead of the cyst i've always had. They popped and went away. Normally i can not even touch the cyst on my face and they will get so sore it hurts to move and stay for weeks. Today I was at a festival and out in the sun all day so i hope it doesn't cause any harm to my skin. I could definitely feel my skin getting hotter then usual, but that's the same feeling i've always gotten while on the antibiotics and face creams. I've started to feel a zit forming in my ear! What is up with these random places??? Does anyone know if you can consume alcohol while on accutane??


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