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55 Days! - Good Day.



Why is today a specifically good day I hear you ask? (well, technically I haven't heard you ask it but I'd like to think that someone is at least curious, if not-you are an emotionless animal.) Well, various nice things have occurred so far today:

1. At my Derm appointment, which was on time, I was told my cholesterol (which was predicted to go up due to accutane) actually went down from 5.6 to 5.4! All that shunning of Sat fats has paid off. Also, the rest of my blood results were normal!

2. Whilst leaving the hospital I was looked at in what my mam commented aloud to be 'a sexual way' (you think your mam is embarrassing?) by a group of boys. A few (apparently) looked at me, even though I have a massive swollen Bindi-esque mark on my glabella where a spot once was. Wait, maybe they were looking at my glabella? Well, if that's true...Don't cha wish ya glabella was hot like mine?

3. I went into Debenhams and two makeup girls ran up to me and asked if I wanted a makeover. My skin already felt like the skin from Satan's arse after a weekend of explosive diarrhoea, and removing/applying makeup would only make it burn more so I explained I couldn't because I was on Accutane and it'll be a faff. One of the girls had quite bad acne herself and knew what I was taking about and she said "you're on Accutane? But your skin is flawless!" At this point I woke up in hospital having come round from a very short coma. Not really, but that's the first time I've been told I had nice skin by a stranger...ever. Never thought I'd get there but I have!

4. My Nanoblur came today, and although it doesn't do much for the bits of my skin that are red and have had recent spots it makes my nice skin look really good. I can imagine one day soon I could just wear that when going to 6th form instead of wearing all my foundation.

5. I ate a cake with toffee sauce in it.

6. I saw a dog.

7. I bought some Fanta.

The last three were just to add effect to show how overly happy I am today. Of course, it just isn't right to publish a Renn blog without something negative being nestled in somewhere so: I stubbed my toe and it hurt.


Sorry to hear about ur toe, I am happy too,because I learnt a new word "Glabella". I have no idea what it means but I learnt it.

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lol.gif Your Mum's a legend!

The comment from the makeup girl made me smile, I bet that was awesome to hear. It's funny you know, I bet we spend so much time cautiously wondering if people will say something bad - like you may have anticipated there - that perhaps we don't give people enough chance to say something nice... eusa_think.gif

Good day sounds good! smile.png

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Hey starfish! You just like, disappeared from the org :o but you're back, so hurrah! When I first heard it I thought it was the name of some Biblical character, but it's the space between your eyebrows. I want to call my first child Glabella, my second Factory and my third Beef. Life's full of disappointments so may as well teach them that from the start.

A legend that is totally inapproprate whenever possible. It was great to hear, my mam just stood nudging me because I had spent the full morning moaning about my glabella spot grave which was burning, and then they ran around the corner saying i had good skin! Yeah, it's made me realise I'm definitely way too critical and pessimistic.

Good day improve if good day provide more cake!

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That sounds very exotic Resery. Are you sure an a-list celebrity hasn't already used that? It is a very pretty name though, I feel it would work very well as a triple-barrelled name, something like "Deformity Hemorrhoid Cough" or "Deformity Tapeworm Foot" They scream sophistication and status.

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No, posh and becs havent used it yet...its safe. Maybe Deformity Hangnail Splitend? I wouldnt want to be too posh as it just wouldnt be me. A sophisticated name such as Deformity hemorrhoid Cough would place too much pressure on her. I would hate it if any child of mine felt they had to rise to dizzying heights just to justify the name.

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I personally like Deformity-Bunion Hernia. It has a nice feminine ring to it, and I think the hyphenation gives it that extra touch of class.

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Yes, yes, I understand what you're saying. I'm sure Deformity Hangnail Splitend won 24th most popular name last year...or was that Caroline? I forget.

'Bunion Hernia'...I like! It's so...diseased.

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