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In highly exciting news, I've been using my new prescriptions since last Thursday- Duac in the morning and every other night, retin A on the nights I don't use Duac. I've still been using Neutrogena Oil-Free for Combination Skin as my moisturizer, since it's the only "oil-free" stuff I have around the house at the moment. I accidentally ordered the wrong vitamin C moisturizer online- the one I've loved in the past is an oil-free version and the version I accidentally ordered is not... I'm terrified that my face will break out if I use anything with oil in it, even if its good stuff (lavender, sunflower, etc.) I've also been keeping up with my vitamins, my daily fresh air/sun/exercise, my sleep, my water intake. So, in short, I'm doing everything I'm "supposed to".

The only hitch? My skin is so freaking dry. Flaking. Angry. I'll post a picture this week so you can see what I mean. I guess it's a trade-off right now, because though my skin isn't looking good yet by any means, I have half the active pimples I had just a few days ago. So the topicals are definitely working the way they should. I've been really careful to use just a small amount of each of them, and as I said, I only use retin-A every other night since I know it can be drying... I guess where I'm at right now is a place of waiting-it-out and letting my skin get used to the new stuff. I think I really just need a better moisturizer and from what I remember that Oil Free Vit C stuff does the trick of being creamy and highly moisturizing without making my face feel like an oil slick or worse- breaking me out.

Today I'm really working on:

-improving my self-image... thinking of myself as beautiful regardless of spots

-taking probiotics my mother-in-law sent me. that brings my daily pill count to three. (multi-vitamin, DHA, +probiotics.)

-going shopping for fall clothes/shoes and maybe even scheduling a hair appointment. see goal #1.

Happy Tuesday out there!


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