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54 Days! - Glabella Spot Terminated



I have destroyed my glabella spot. I know I shouldn't squeeze but it was teasing me. Every time I looked cock-eyed I could see it, sitting there all smug and morbidly obese with pus and whatever other ingredients are in a spot (I guess like all things it 'may contain nuts') I popped it with two cotton-tips and a lot of greenish pus spurted out followed by some blood (don't worry, it's only natural to feel aroused by this) but the blood wouldn't stop!! I've smacked a cold, damp cotton pad onto my forehead in an attempt to stop the bleeding and stop it going all red and swollen. It looks like a priest has thrown a communion wafer at my face. The worst part was that I forgot it was there after a while and answered the door to my brother coming home, only for there to be a huge house party in the house opposite to mine. It didn't help that a newly-installed lamp post acted as a spotlight which reflected off of my makeshift plaster (which had by now slid down onto my nose) and gave viewers a HD, stage-effect to my chic look.

Dermatology appointment tomorrow to review my progress and the doc said she would be upping my dose to 35mg if my blood results are alright. Was gonna have a walk around town afterwards but if the grave of the glabella spot hasn't healed over I'll be tempted to come straight home because it will just aggravate me all day. They're the worst spots, painful ones, because you're constantly reminded that they're there and it's near impossible to just forget about it and carry on with daily tasks as usual.

Gonna watch that Origins of Us tonight on BBC2 because I'm into all that stuff. Also, there's nothing else on. Well there's that mummy thing, that's the Egyptian mummy, not relative mummy. There's Doc Martin too, but I've went off it now...can you tell I've got nothing else to write? Yes. Well...WANNA SEE MY DOG IN A BARELL?!



D'awwww! Cool picture. :)

Your little TV related rant made me laugh, mainly because I'm also staring at my telly wondering what to watch. Plus, I image the majority of people reading that won't have a clue what you're talking about. :P

I've missed most of this weeks episode of The Gadget Show so haven't been able to indulge in my crush on Suzi Perry. Origins of Us, sounds kind of interesting, might give that a go. Seems I missed the first episode. The Mummy thing sounds a bit gross... :eh: Otherwise, might put the PS3 on and blast some zombies or something...

Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, I just had to answer the door to my neighbour with Sudocrem on my nose. For some reason, my nose decided to freak out last week and it's still healing. It broke out in a way I don't think I've experienced before, with these big red lumps which were really sore. The only thing I can think is that I spent the week looking after a kitten who seemed to quite enjoy putting his face right up against my nose. I didn't really think anything of it at the time, maybe it was some kind of reaction...

Anyway, I'm going out tomorrow night and I'll just be happier if my nose has healed a little more, hence the Sudocrem. So there I was, stood on the doorstep, giving my neighbour advice on how to set up his new PC, all the while with Sudocrem across my nose. I'm soooo cool! :rolleyes:

It would be really hypocritical of me to tell you to just ignore that spot and hang out in town regardless, given my own track record with avoiding even pleasurable activities when I'm not happy with my skin, but I hope you'll at least give it a go. You're right though, it is horrible when they hurt because there's no getting away from them when they're at that stage. It brings me down the most if the spot is in a place where it makes it uncomfortable to smile or laugh. That's supposed to be a totally pleasurable and happy thing, but if there's a monster of a spot around my mouth somewhere, or even up on a cheek bone, it hurts each time the expression on my face changes. Had a few occasions over the years where there have been spots like that in more than one place at a time and it's been enough to bring me to tears. I think that's something people really wouldn't understand unless they've experienced it as well.

Hope everything comes back fine at your appointment tomorrow. I don't suppose that increase would do anything dramatic in terms of side effects, that's always a bonus. I'm assuming that 5mg is is the smallest amount they increase by. In fact, I thought it went in 10's. With the way things are going, it seems like Accutane's done you a world of good so far, but that extra 5mg might just push it that bit further to help you get your skin just as you'd like it. :)

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Yeah, I've noticed the majority of people on the org are American but hoped there'd be a few British people who may come across it, point and say "hey, I have that channel too!" The first episode wasn't that good, it was all about how the most important body part on a human is their backside. I couldn't concentrate because everytime I looked up from my computer to watch there was an arse stretched across a plasma, and my screen size was all dodgy so they were really shallow but very wide. Zombies eh? Do you watch Walking Dead by any chance?

Haha, Sudocrem is great! I used to have tons of it in my cupboard and I'd just slap it on whenever I could. I liked the smell mainly. Hey, maybe we could create a sort of cult in which you answer your door with strange objects on your face? Tomorrow I'm going to answer my door with a bath loofah hanging off of my nose and a fork tucked under my eyelid. You're going to see Alice Cooper right? Enjoy! Should be amazing.

I guess I'll see how the spot is tomorrow. If it's physically painful I'll go home but if it's just painful appearance-wise I'll just ignore it and have a walk around. I used to get spots around my mouth all of the time, definitely the worst. I used to avoid eating it was that painful.

I thought it went up in 10s too, but obviously not. Unless They'll give me 10s and I'll have to cut them into little baby pieces like a nana. Hoping it will give me that extra push :)

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I know of Walking Dead, can't say I've seen it though.

I'm not that big on the whole action/thriller/zombie/monster-shooting games, simply because I'm rubbish at them, just something I pick up now and again. By the same token, I usually stay away from playing war games online because one of the other players is guaranteed to have killed me within about five seconds. That's not much fun. :rolleyes:

There's an interesting way to pass the time, I'm game if you are! I'll answer the door with a slice of toast stuck to my forehead and a Malteser lodged up each nostril. Pictures, or it didn't happen! ;)

That reminds me of the time I got a shirt button stuck up my nose, I put it there for the fun of it, obviously, it didn't just gravitate towards my nose. That was really ouchy.... :D

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I was given Call of Duty last Christmas and I hated it. I kept getting attacked by what I thought was a bear but turned out to be an angry dog (this took me a week to realise) I just gave up on it and it's somewhere under my bed covered in dust now. I prefer Assassin's Creed (1,2,3 and soon 4) and I used to love Okami when I had it.

A slice of toast!? Are you crazy? No man has ever survived the forehead toast's force gasp.gif

Image of him sneezing and two buttons coming out, pushing some innocent person's eyeballs into their skull and sitting perfectly in their eyesockets as replacement eyes-HAHA! I mean...oh my shakes head.

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Okami! I'd forgotten all about that. Cool game, don't think I've seen anything like that since.

I had the first Assassins Creed, I never really got into it. I mistakenly thought it was set in the modern day and the fact that it wasn't really threw me off and I never quite got around that confusion. :wacko:

I'm wondering if the whole sneezing/eye-replacement scenario would probably work better with marbles. Maybe they'd look a bit more interesting. I wonder what it's like to have marble vision. The corners of your vision would be clear and the center would be all swirly and multicoloured.... :eh:

I have something on-topic to share. I know, mental!

My face has acquired a new friend tonight. I'll see your Glabella invader and raise you a Philtrum attacker. Topically, it's one of those horrible monsters which hurts all the time. It's not often that I have the occasion or desire to pout, but right now I can't because it really hurts. Very much a case of wanting what I can't have; I'd really like to have a good pouting session right now, on principal... :P

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I never got past the last(ish) level :( but it was still one of the best games I've ever played. I just liked AC because you could jump off things and kill people in various ways *sigh* good times.

Well, seeing as your description sounds a lot like having cataracts, probably not very nice at all :lol: Maybe fried eggs would be more interesting? You could run around screaming "my eyes-they're melting!" then go on to eat said eggs and freak people out even more.

Philtrums are groovy, haha, you get it? They're groovy-in a funky way but it an actual way, because it's the groove under your...yeaaah.I pity the pout! A man denied a pout is a man without a...trout? sprout? One or the other.

I have two spots, one above my lip and one below. One is painful and the other isn't, but they feel like pebbles under my skin. I told my derm and she poked around a bit and said "well, they might not ever go away but you can't see them so it doesn't matter." 1. You can see them if I push my tongue into my cheek and push them out (granted, not a natural pose but still) 2. One hurts! Apparently they're calcium deposits or keratonin deposits.

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