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Day 2



Wellll I messed up again. Had a healthy breakfast but for lunch I was too lazy to cook anything healthy so I had 2 whole weat english muffins with peanutbutter...and then ended up falling asleep for an hour and a half! crazy how food affects me so strongly. I've realized that when I'm on my stricter diet I actually really do feel better. Also had peanutbutter mnms and cheese pasta (not much tho). But I did make rice with turmeric, which is supposed to be great for acne so we'll see if that helps anything. I've prepared my meals for this wk and they WILL be healthy. I'm going to try to work out tomorrow morning so I'll see how that goes.

meal plans:

bfast --> spinach salad w/ broccoli, cauliflower, onions, butternut squash and avocado

green tea


lunch --> rice w/ turmeric & other spices, chicken, all the veggies listed above

snack: apple

dinner --> spaghetti squash with all those veggies

snack: not sure yet, hoping dinner will tie me over

green tea

I drink tonsssss and tons of water throughout the day of course. Also my vitamins in there at some point.

Hope it goes well!


hey there. good job with the new diet! i know how hard it is to stick with eating healthy, but yes - it does make you feel so much better!! keep up the good work!! good luck! :)

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Wow, I admire your dedication. I can't stomach more that a cup of coffee or two in the morning, so your spinach and vegetable salad for breakfast sure sounds... Exotic... ;)

I've been reading so much about the benefits of green tea recently, I have to start trying to drink it... Bleh, just can't get into the tea thing, I will have to swallow my disappointment that it's not coffee and give it a go I guess!

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thanks for the support guys! and yes, im trying to eat healthy, but i realized today i am just NOT eating enough...im starving after lunch and dinner tonight was just kind of a bummer. cold spaghetti squash and veggies, not yummy =( i need to figure out a way to add more (healthy) calories but its so hard to eat non-processed crap on the go, as I can only eat on the way to/from my job so my food is usually cold, and fruits dont really keep well in my car etc. not sure how I should fix this bc I know being hungry all day will just lead to binging. I just get so frustrated that I have to have this stupid restricted diet when my friends with clear skin eat whatever the hell they want...blahhhh

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