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My History



Okay. A little background. I'll try to make it brief.

I had moderate to severe acne in high school. It was mortifying, as a result, I was shy and stayed away from school activities. I did get on medication my senior year and my face cleared up. After about a year or two of meds, I went off of them.

Fast forward five years, I just moved and had gotten married (to my best friend!) the previous month. Yes, some major stressors, but I wasn't feeling stressed. I was high on life, feeling good. But then my face started breaking out. I switched from dial liquid soap and some basic moisturizer to a scrub with salycic acid; my face broke out more. I stumbled upon this site after hours of researching. I started Dan's regimen, to the letter. My face started to clear up in the first month and then the progress stopped. And I became impatient. In the forums, I discovered thelovevitamin - I was enraptured by her natural routines. I started cleaning with honey and moisturizing with aloe vera, no more BP. I started taking supplements. I switched to mineral make up. I saw some improvement, but again I became impatient. Still sticking with that routine, I would try a new face mask or a new scrub. I think that was my downfall - not being consistent. Plus, I began to pick at my face. I thought if I could just get the white stuff out, it would heal faster. Not true, but that was my train of thought. Then I switched to the oil cleansing method for about three weeks. At first it felt great, and then I think the washcloth on my face was just too rough. So, I stopped. I discovered homeopathic medicine and started taking it as soon as I could. I thought I saw improvement, but I think I was just being hopeful. I went back to liquid dial soap as my cleanser and started using cetaphil for my moisturizer. And then I finally broke down and went to the doctor. I was prescribed a topical cream and was told to use BP as well. All of this happened over the past year.

So, here I am, back on Dan's regimen. I cleanse with Cetaphil's cleanser, gently apply 5% BP, then moisturize with Cetaphil's moisturizer in the morning. Then I dust on a bit of mineral make up to cover the redness. At night, I cleanse with Cetaphil's cleanser, gently apply the prescribed topical cream, and then I kind of dab on moisturizer. It seems that the moisturizer reacts with the cream, and then I get white stringy stuff on my face. Not good. I'm still working on that.

I totally stopped taking my supplements and I'd like to get back to that. I take a multivitamin, zinc, a probiotic, and niacin. I think that's everything...?

Yesterday, I was feeling great about my face and this new routine. I was confident that it was working. Today, I feel the exact opposite. My face hurts and I have more blemishes. I'm struggling with picking. I've read some articles on behavior modification and I'm trying really hard to stop this picking behavior!

I'll try to post a picture or two tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


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