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Day 146



My skin is healing from breakouts I've had the past week. I have this huge bump on my upper left forehead, but it's finally normal sized. My nose peeled today:( my upper lip is great! My chin has had several pustules, but now it's basically clear. The right side has a few bumps and it's super peely. I also have a small bump on my lower left chin. Underneath the chin is looking great, still lots of bumps but they're skin colored. My jawlines both have some tiny tiny skin colored bumps. My left cheek is totally clear! And the red marks are slowly (very slowly) fading. My lower right cheek is clear. However, under my eye I have a massive red cyst! Itsbeen there for like a week. It won't pop. There is also a small patch by the corner of my eye that keeps peeling. When I peel it, it leaves bright red, raw skin. It looks horrible! I'm going to start putting aloe Vera on it. Anyway overall my skin looks a LOT LOT LOT LOT better than when I started accutane. But there's still room for quite a bit of improvement. Side effects: minimal back pain, super dry hair, dry peely skin, small irritating cuts on hands and arms, dry lips, dry eyes, red skin (sometimes pink) and flushing. The flushing is getting really bad. I've noticed it a TON in the past week. If I even get a little bit excited, nervous, embarrassed, or stressed my face turns BRIGHT red. It's horrible! Hopefully it won't get any worse.


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