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Week 1, Day 3

Allie C


I am EXHAUSTED. What is going on with me? Is it possible that only 6 pills can make me THIS tired? And let me tell you about the dreams I have had the past 2 nights and during the 3 hour nap that I just took. They are soooo real, and so crazy. Can someone tell me if this is normal?

Besides that weirdness, I have also had my contacts falling out of my eyes, my lips getting dry and my face red and itchy after sweating.

Feedback please!

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It may be possible that accutane is affecting you so soon, but there's A LOT that goes into causing exhaustion. I don't remember dreaming any crazier than I already do lol when I was on accutane.

Your skin might itch after sweating because it may be becoming more sensitive to the products your using on your skin. I couldn't put anything on my face when I was on accutane- just a dove cleanser and eucerine cream. My eyes where SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dry!!!! It was AWFUL. I looked like I was on drugs for 4 months. Horrible. I had a very difficult time wearing contacts too. It's probably because they get soooo dry.

Just keep track of your side effects...you either get used to it or it calms down.

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