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Accutane Day 117 - Entering Month 5!



Sorry I have not been updating, but my skin has been so good that there's been so little to report!!! I have not had ANY breakouts - not ANY - since my last posting!!! Woot! My skin is so smooth - and the only thing I have to contend with are redmarks - and there are a lot of them all over my cheeks. Hope they fade soon so I can go out and about without my makeup!

I have my next derm appointment tomorrow - and I expect she'll keep me on another month, which is totally fine by me. I'm scared to go off this stuff and have my horrible skin return. The only thing I look forward to in getting off the accutane is for my lips to return to normal (so dry and flaky) and for me to be able to bask in the sun without turning purple and swollen.

Only weird development is that I've developed another one of those cystic red abscesses on my nose - this time on the other nostril! The one I had before has completely healed, but it took about a month. I don't know why these things develop, but it seems to coincide with anytime I have a cold. Maybe it's the irritation from the tissue that ruptures the skin around my nostrils. Anyways, never happened to me before Accutane - so I expect it has something to do with it. Wish it would go away!!!

Will report again soon - I promise!


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