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New Diet Plan & Before Picture



In order for me to do this I am going to document every thing I am doing and take pictures once a week. Here is what my skin looks like as of right this moment. Not so great. It looks really inflamed, but a lot of those red spots are pimples from last week that are healing and are drying up from the epsom salt. They are in the flaky-ish stage. I have a really red, really painful, pimple or cyst right on my lip I really just want to go away. That bugger popped up two days ago and I've been trying to get the swelling to go down and the pain to go away but no luck. Other than that one, there are no other painful really noticeable zits. The rest are just small ones that will die within the next couple of days thanks to the Epsom Salt. I also hope my change of diet, STARTING TOMORROW, will help heal these spots faster.

I made a shopping list for my mother for some things I am going to start exchanging from my daily diet. Usually for breakfast I eat cereal, usually kids cereals with whole milk. Instead I am going to try Kashi Cocoa Beach cereal and some Soy milk. (I've had soy milk before when trying to change my diet a while back, so I am ready for that one.) For lunch I'm going to pack some turkey, lettuce, and tomato wraps on pita bread with a banana or apple, and a nutrigrain bar. For dinner I'm going to keep it the same. My parents usually make a nice home cooked meal with veggies, some type of protein rich meat, and I can add a fruit afterwards. I am going to stay away from dairy completely. And drink only water for beverages. Also once a week we have take out night, we usually just get pizza or chinese food. I'm going to continue with that because that will be the hardest habit to break. Hopefully eating better during the week and drinking lots of water will help and then I can start finding better options for take out.

Speaking of, when I go to Subway I usually order an Italian BMT. That includes lettuce, tomato, black forest ham, pepperoni, american cheese, oil and vinegar. Is this something that would be bad for my skin as well? I would take off the cheese now because I am staying away from dairy and lay off the oil and vinegar. I don't know about black forest ham, but I know pepperoni isn't so great for your skin. I figure if instead of having greasy pizza having a sub from subway with lettuce and tomato on it will be a wiser decision?

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Just wanted to add, the picture you can't really tell, it looks a lot worse than that. I'll use my actual camera for next weeks picture.

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