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So Upset Need Advice



So I don't know about everyone else out there.. but for those of you who are waiting to start accutane, how do you cope? i'm literally doing everything I can just to get by right now and it's the hardest thing I've ever dealt with. I cried my eyes out last night because after washing my face it got all blistery and oily and I just got so mad. I'm the kind of girl who is always making everyone else happy so its just hard to keep my game face on for another 3 weeks. So my question is this, how did you/ are you coping with waiting for the medication. Theys ay the end is in sight but I'm having a really hard time staying positive.



I haven't done Accutane myself so the best I can liken that situation to is when I've had to wait to see my doctor in order to get a different medication.

All you can really do is take care of your skin in the mean time. Look after it, maintain your regimen and focus on looking after it until you start Accutane. Plus, the time you have until you start Accutane allows you to prepare yourself. Means you can stock up on whatever products you may need to make the course as comfortable as possible.

Don't forget that you're working towards achieving something which is essentially a long term goal. There's no quick fix or short cut where Accutane is concerned. It's a long game which needs time and patience. The positive is that you can spend those three weeks knowing that you are getting closer, day by day, to starting Accutane. That in turn will bring you closer, day by day, to the clear skin you're hoping for.

You know, it bothers me whenever anyone says that they were brought to tears because of their skin. I know what it's like. I have had times of pure joy when I've seen the results my efforts have brought, but I've also had plenty of moments when I've felt sheer despair and helplessness. Unfortunately, the bad moments outweigh the good and seem to stay in mind longer. I hope you've got someone close you feel you can talk to, or at least someone to provide a shoulder to cry on. I'd imagine that helps. There's nothing worse than feeling powerless about it and not having anyone to turn to either.

By arranging to start Accutane, you're already taking positive steps. Focus on that. The same approach should apply when you start the course; it's a long process and perhaps it will cause your skin to get worse before it gets better in the end, but that's all part of the journey and you should focus on your aim and what you're ultimately intending to achieve. I'm sure you can get there and the waiting and the course itself will all be worth it in the end. :)

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Hey i was like that when I was preparing to start my isotret, I have to really take an effort for me to be able to visit my doctor because of my busy schedule at work.There were instances that I was late for my appointment because of work and still had to wait for the blood test results then doctor already left so I wont be able to give her the lab test so I ran to her next scheduled clinic ( I think an hour away from the other hospital) only to find out that she again had just left several minutes ago after my arrival. I was really getting depressed maybe because im already tired ( not to mention my skin condition at that moment ) but im really decided to take acnetrex so i patiently wait until the next visit that she was able to gave me the meds. Now i was in my 2nd week and my face is really a mess,my doctor told me that breakouts will surely occur but im staying positive about it i really feel happy right now even if my acne is flaring because my doctor assured me that in 2 months time my acne will be cleared. Its normal that youll feel a bit impatient but when your into it regardless of how bad your breakout is i think youll still be positive about it ;)

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