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Day 44 Reducing The Amount Of Bp



I'm so fed up with this site losing my entries all the time. I don't know how much time I've wasted typing things up just for them to disappear.

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't written in a while, being away on holiday got me out of the habit.

Currently my skin looks almost normal again. I finally got rid of most of the dryness by reducing the BP application to night time only (2 pumps) and using double the moisturiser in the morning. I thought I would totally break out but my skin seems to have stabilised and is ok, I only have about one active zit at a time now. Another neat trick I've learned is to use mashed ripe avocado as a face mask! It's amazing and leaves my skin glowing and super moisturised. I highly recommend trying this once you have been on the regimen at least a month.

I have re-introduced makeup again. Not full foundation but concealer around my T zone mainly. This has really boosted my confidence and it hasn't made my skin worse, whereas even a few weeks ago even the tiniest bit of makeup made me flare up. This means that I have to add in a proper makeup cleanser too, I'm using a foaming one from Clinique and it's doing a good job. I still follow up with cetaphil cleanser afterwards to make sure everything is gone. So far, no adverse reactions so I'm really pleased!

The wedding that I went up to Scotland for went well. I was pleased that I looked nice for it and not mega zitty. I only had one on my forehead but my fringe covered it. My baby bump looked really huge next to another expectant mum's though, and she was two months ahead of me! I spent most of the wedding aawing at my 3 year old daughter, she looked so cute in a little red Chinese dress and she enjoyed strutting her stuff on the dance floor!

Had a bit of a manic week as our house sale/purchase all fell through, the people we wanted to buy from decided not to sell since their son just died and they were too upset. I understand completely but it was still a bit disappointing after going through legal processes for the last 4 months and spending lots of money on solicitors and surveys etc. Overall though, hubby and I are quite happy at the thought of not taking on a much bigger mortgage. I think we'll just extend the current house. It won't be as big as the new house would have been but means we will be able to pay off the mortgage in about 7 years.


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