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So Happy To Be In Bed



ah how i love wireless at times like this... snuggled up in my teddy pjs in my cozy bed laptop hoisted up on a pillow...yeah i know - not such a pretty picture i just painted lol! well it doesnt get much better than this :P just came back from the most delicious dinner ever at a durbanville winefarm. starter of sliced beef on red wine reduction followed by lamb shank that just fell off the bone and 2 brutal fruits ( sipped out a wine glass of course as the place was pretty snancy so i thought my normal bottle style wouldnt be too classy :P)sure people were pondering what dark purple fizzy wine i was drinking lol - or more likely they didnt give a toss!

well onto the job:

I had a really good day, traffic was kind to me, i coped well and helped lots of clients and pretty much know just about all the products in just 2 days, not to bad i say... i feel exhausted now ( think the brutals helped with that) but its a good tired, like im proud that i got the job and feel a sense on accomplishment when i come home tired at the end of the day :) but i can say when i finish up week before Christmas, I will be super happy to know i am not tied down to a 9 to 5 anymore. i am there working for the owner who is getting married, so its just us 2 in shop then ill be alone for 2 weeks... its cool, got to know her more today and chatted lots so the day went really quickly...

on the skin front, all was fine and dandy until i washed my face before i reapplied makeup for dinner and discvered a few new spots.. i reckon that teatree toner has something to do with it, its that or maybe just working , not that i feel stressed but those are the only 2 reasons i can come up with, of course i squeezed but i have just applied heaps of BP so lets see how it goes now

folks coming to stay over tomorrow which is cool, we are making a weber pork roast. for those of you foreigners ;) i have attached a pic of a weber(the little round thing lol), much like a south african braai except its a kettle braai and gives a smoky flavour :) the other pic is a braai braai hehe :) meat on grid over open flame :)its so cool to learn about different countries lol, who knew there are people that have never heard of a braai, so interesting :P

and just cause i can... some more pics of my babies :) huskies are awesome, our boy who is more a purebreed talks :) he says hawow every day lol!! so sweet, and he copies the sounds of the F1 racing by the facetrach close by, super funny and gorgeous :) Troy and Zara are their names.


Your dogs are so cute! I just want to hide in their fluffiness and live there for the rest of my life :lol:

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heehee :) ya when u have a crappy day its so nice to come home to them, always so loving. troy the one with pink nose, he comes and sits on ur foot and then puts his paw up on your lap - too freekin cute :) and they had one litter of puppies before, the one looked like a light grey and white panda bear with little round ears, was honestly the cutest thing uve ever seen ...

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Awww! I love puppies, they have a strange power over me. If one asked me to destory the planet I happily would (it would have to be one evil puppy though, and I don't believe evil puppies exist) So they're a couple? That makes the 1st picture even cuter >,<

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lol haha they are not from same family but they fight more than they get on and well we had her spayed so thank goodness they are not a couple in every sense lol :)

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