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Day 26 On The Reg



So i decided to try to do updates on a weekly basis now.

Just hit day 26 , good number for me :)

I got a couple pretty nasty breakouts around the jawline close to my chin a couple days back and one on my cheek that wasnt bad at all. Its that time of the month where i normally breakout like crazy so im curious to see how the reg works against the hormonal part of it. The brake outs werent horrible, i didnt pop them just let the bp take care of them and their practically gone. Yea i still cant remember a time when i had this little of brake outs during that time. So im pretty happy with my results. My scaring is starting to fade so im excited about that ! I havent had very many breakouts AT ALL on my cheeks since starting the reg !!!! Its just been around the chin area. My cheeks have ALWAYS BEEN the number one place i brake out the most ! Ive been wearing lighter makeup lately and loving it. Which is a huge change for me seeing that i pride myself on using a good amount for the hiding skillz of acne , and still making it look good . When i feel that my scaring has faded enough i will be jumping on the no makeup boat ........WHHHHAT ME ???? Yea never thought that day would come ! Ill take some pics to add along with my post :) I dont add pics of my forehead cause thats never been a problem area for me .... So one cheek is scaring no acne :) the other is a couple ones that are now going away :)

Oh side note , I havent had a energy drink in 3 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i added 50mg of zinc a day to my daily stuff. No cokes or soft drinks , but havent given up my tea yet ....... blogentry-159030-0-86402800-1319208590_tblogentry-159030-0-97516800-1319208594_t


LOL ! Oh how its been super hard !! But i know how horrible they are, plus everytime i drink cokes it comes out in my face ! So i have to figure energy drinks probably have the same effect !!! Thanks for your support Resery !!! Always make me smile :)

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