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Mostly Over The Dryness



so I've been doing pretty good. haven't missed a step in the holy grail. the initial dryness has just about passed. I am finding it extremely difficult not to pick or touch my face at all. I have caught myself more than once lol. but now I cam more aware. My complexion seems to be smoothing out some but i still have a ton of old red marks that are gonna be around for a while i'm sure.

I am do to have my monthly here in just a few days. As a result, I have gotten 4 small tiny bumps below my skin. raised and a little painful, but nothing a little cover up won't conceal. Since I started, I have been using moisturizer, and my face is a little on the greasy side, more so during the day than thru the night. it's manageable tho.

I'm seeing results already! no more breakouts on my chin/neck so far! yay

sending good vibes to all!


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