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First Day On The Job



So today was the big day at new temp job... what an overload of info lets do this in bullet points


  • YAY PRAISE THE LORD my skin has all flattened out and looked considerably good compared to last weeks crazy mess, usually when skins bad i hate the end of the day when makeup has faded and seems to be running off ur face and patchy and scabs look disgusting but i was pretty pleased by the end of the day still :)
  • weird new sty looking thing appeared on my eyes last night like 3 bumps all joined together right where eyeslashes and lid meet i was like whaaaat , looked gross, said mega prayers last night and piled on some antibacterial cream stuff and woke up and its muuuch better but still there a bit of a bump there, must have had some weirdo reaction or somethingalien.gif
  • overall im happy scabs are flaking off when im not picking so thats cool
  • tonight really felt i needed a fresh feel on face so i added in some teatree toner to regimen lets see what happens if anything but face feels nice and rejuvinated


    • So loads of info was given to me today , first day and i was already quoting alone!lots of concentrating etc... and all i can say is when i got in car at the end of the day and took off contacts and put on glasses i could hardly see straight between the headache and the exhausted eyes lol
    • on a positive note i think ill quite enjoy myself working there and i love looking at all the modern furniture and accessories they have there,very cool little decor shop.
    • i was a clever girl and made extra dins last night so didnt need to cook now either YAY and tomorrow night when i get home we are going to winefarm for dinner so that will also be cool.
    • ok people im poked, going to sleep now sorry for extra boring blog
    • good night world... oh wait heres a joke about the man....

    did you know that mark zuckerburg creator of facebook is dead?

    chuck norris poked him :Pchuck.gif


Ok ok....let me get this straight..... You've done a full days work and you've come home and found the energy and inclination to blog? I'm well impressed!

PS. been meaning to ask....what is a braai (think that was the spelling?)

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