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I Feel Like. . .



most of the people that join this site just want to sit and whine about their problems all day instead of actually doing something about them. Its like a community of whiners. TAKE ACTION. Its not that hard.

If you want to learn how to cure your acne for good, message me. If not, continue whining.


Woah! Easy there. Everyone's on here for pretty much one reason; support. People get that in a variety of different ways, some get it from just being able to air their grievances. I'm not sure it's fair to call them it "community of whiners".

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Actually, my acne likes to whine so much its currently learning computer skills so it can start its own whining blog.

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Can't beat a good whine!

I think it's important to say how you're feeling in order to let it out and process it - just as important as taking action. Sometimes, taking action and taking those first steps is the hardest part. Talking it over and working out what to do can make those first steps easier. I know from experience that what may start out as therapeutic can also turn against you, but it doesn't always go that way. Besides, people have to find that out for themselves, that's how they learn.

It's obvious you have a particular approach to dealing with acne, which is fine, but everyone has their own way too. There's no need to start talking down to people if they don't happen to approach things the way you do, so less of the insults, please. :naughty:

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