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49 Days! - Hormonal!



Today has been up and down. Hormones are all over the place, so one minute I feel like hugging a kitten and the next I want to lunge out and rip the perm off of a granny. I've been so close to crying so many times today, for the stupidest reasons too, like the sun shining on me too much and my eyes watering (and at some points for no reason at all!) I think my family are keeping away from me today because they can feel the uncontrollable anger oozing from me :lol:

I was massaging some Hydromol Ointment onto my face and I suddenly realised that I have no lumps or bumps on my face. 8 weeks ago I was afraid to go into a library in case a blind visitor mistook my face for a Braille novel, and now look! I can rub my face and not worry about my nails catching a spot and causing it to explode.

Can't wait till Friday because it's half-term and I have a week to rest up and not wear makeup every day, giving my skin (and whole body) a rest. I'm also hoping to get into an exercise routine because I'm hoping to tone up a bit, but I've decided I can't cut chocolate out of my diet altogether; I have a serious addiction and can't function without it :P

I'll post photos into my gallery soon but I can't today because my camera has vanished, I could draw you a picture? ...best wait till I find the camera then.


Haha I'm totally voting for the sketch, that could be hilarious! ;)

By the way, "one minute I feel like hugging a kitten and the next I want to lunge out and rip the perm off of a granny" is possibly the coolest line I have ever read, and it made me laugh so hard my colleagues must be calling the men in white coats as we speak. That is exactly how I felt when I started the Pill! It's uncanny.

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I would use a wide range of colours and shading techniques of course!

I'm glad you enjoyed it :lol: it's true though, it's so hard to resist their blue-rinsed fuzz bite nails

Have your PMTs got like10x worse? I'm currently on the '7 day break' between pills and I think I'm at risk of murdering someone and should probably invest in a Hannibal Lecter-esque muzzle to strap onto my face at this sensitive time.

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Colours and shading?! Well now you just have to do it! ;)

Umm... Confession time! After the reaching the white on the first packet, I think to a degree. One day I walked down the street, saw someone pat their dog, and promptly burst into tears. Half an hour before that? I was ready to pick a fight with the next plant that dared breeze into my way... I probably would've ring-barked the thing given half a chance! Seriously, hormones are dangerous weapons of mass hysteria. But since then, I've bicycled packets (skipped the white tablets for two cycles), to coincide with a holiday and determine if that would help limit breakouts during that time (it hasn't seemed to've made a significant difference, sigh). So I'm not sure! I'm sure it'll get better though... Our bodies're just adjusting! You'll be fine... (backs away slowly) ;)

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I was ready to pick a fight with the next plant that dared breeze into my way.
lol.gif Yep, I know that feeling. Well mine must be taking its time to adjust 'cause I've been on Dianette for almost a year! Maybe I'm just meant to be a psychopathic killer? some 'deep' music plays here as she stares questioningly at the moon...realises it's only 4.00am and is actually staring at the sun...goes for emergency medical treatment.

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4am and the sun is up?! Where do you live??

Wow, a year and you're still getting mood swings? Oh god, maybe there is no hope for us! :-/

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I meant 4pm! :lol: I keep getting my am/pms mixed up recently :(

It looks like your emoticon has burped a stick out of it's belly, hahaha.

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Oh that makes more sense. I thought the sun getting up at 5:05 am here was inconceivable enough.

Hahaha!! It actually kinda looks like it's smoking a cigarette to me :-/

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I'd move out & live in the shadows and call myself 'the lizard queen' (for effect) if the sun rose that early-I hate bright light.

OR a spear is flying towards it and it is screaming "noooooooooo!".

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