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Huge Accutane Breakout



Oh my oh my.

My skin is so bad right now, the sides of my cheeks are just awful. It's not just normal spots either, it's huge massive painful swollen ones. All in a cluster of about four next to each other.. per cheek.

I got them about two weeks ago and they just won't budge.

I don't want to be too graphic, but it I 'empty' them.. they 'refill' over night and are just as bad the next day. This happens every time they are 'emptied' and even when I leave them alone, they just sit there. They don't go away or dry out or leak or anything. Just sit there waiting to be picked up.

I've had these types for the past couple of years and for me, are the type that leave the worst scarring.

And to top it allllll off, the rest of my face is all covered in annoying bumps and pimples.

Goodness talk about depressing. I just keep crossing my fingers and thinking 'it cannot POSSIBLY get any worst. Life surely isn't that unkind'

Needed a vent. I am so looking forward for this to clear up...


cf x


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