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Week Two: So Begins The Initial Breakout...



Well I finished my first week. Skin got extremely dry and red in only a couple of days, as well as my lips. I managed to find a really good chapstick at CVS that contains all sorts of moisturizers. On my first course of accutane i used Bert's Bees Wax, and I found myself applying it as often as every half hour. This chap stick seems to keep my lips moist for much longer whistling.gif)

As for moisturizer, I started off by using Neutrogena facial moisturizer but after a couple of days my skin was starting to peel and get flakey. I couldn't even smile without feeling like my skin was about to tear.I tried Dan's moisturizer that he sells on this site (I had some stored away from years ago) but that had the exact same effect as the Neutrogena -- along with making my face shiny and oily. I ended up doing some research on this site on best rated moisturizers and arrived on Cetaphil facial moisturizer. I bought a bottle from CVS and it works so much better than the Neutrogena -- skin is less shiny and it does a much better job moisturizing.

As far as progress, my skin is getting used to the drug. I'm starting to develope what is called the initial breakout which is basically your skin pushing out all the dirt and bacteria as it adjusts to the accutane resulting in a sometimes severe breakout. I remember mine from my first course only lasted about a week or two and then it was smooth sailing for the rest of the 20 weeks. Hoping this time is similar! My skin is extremely oily and dry and it's actually frustrating to be getting those comments at work such as "your face is really red!" or "Do you have sun burn?" I am also avoiding the mirror as much as possible. It's hard from going five years with perfect skin to just wanting to lock yourself in a dark room for 20 weeks until i'm clear again!!!

Never the less, I am looking forward into the future when I will once again have flawless skin and never have to worry about pimples!

Comments and questions welcomed! Will update you next week!



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