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Day One



Hi guys! I'm initiating my second course of accutane this week after being crystal clear for five years. I consider myself a veteran on the subject of accutane and also on the topic of acne in general, having tried pretty much all of the antibiotics and creams there are -- both perscription and over the counter. I thought starting this blog would be a good way for me to get through these next couple of months, and also help out any others who are currently on accutane, or qho are thinking about taking accutane. Please feel free to add in any comments or ask questions!

A little about myself --

I developed acne as a teenager. It was always very mild, and i was always able to keep it under control. Around my senior year of high school, it started to get worse. I was put on pretty much every acne medication you can name -- pills, creams, you name it. Dan's acne regimen was the only thing that kept me extremely clear, but the amount of benzoyl proxide I had to use was giving me extrememly dry, flakey, red skin, not to mention the moisturizer was giving my already oily skin a shiny, greasy look. I was tired of it! After a summer of using proactive, my acne started to get really bad. My face was a oily disaster, and it seemed like I would wake up every morning with new pimples all over my face. I was losing my confidence, and my acne was the only thing I was ever thinking of. I can relate to anyone who agrees that depression and acne are closely related, as i became very depressed at times, not even wanting to leave the house or be in pictures.

After that summer I took the plunge and told my dermotologist I wanted accutane. He gave me a 5 month course of 40mg and 60mg on the final month. Taking 40mg, the dryness was not that bad and i was able to keep it under control with a good moisturizer. The most annoying part was the chapped lips. The final month was the hardest part because my dosage was 20mg higher, resulting in even dryer skin and lips that cracked and bled. None the less, I came out alive, with beautiful, clear skin.

The next five years were amazing, as I never had to worry about acne, applying product to my face, or covering up pimples. I had the most confidence I had ever had. Unfortunately, some people require two treatments to see the best results. Throughout those five years of clearness, I experienced periodic outbreaks when I was stressed out. They started off so mild that they were not even noticeable, but as the years passed, they would get worse and worse. Just this past year, my skin began getting extremely oily again, and to my horror, my acne suddenly came back in full force.

It was hard for me because I had gone five years making a ton of progress in my confidence, and now it seemed like i was going backwards, back to where I was in high school. I vowed I wasn't going to let this happen, and I vowed to take on acne yet again with a higher dosage to destroy it once and for all. I've always been a faithful visitor to Dan's page because he has helped me so much in the past with his regimen, so i figured I would give back by helping out other acne sufferers out there.

So that's that! Here is the start of my blog, and I hope it helps out alot of you out there. For those of you who are hesitant on taking accutane -- i can say from personal experience that it is so worth the risk. Having acne can pretty much ruin your life with depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems. It takes over your mind and at times all you are thinking about is how oily your skin is, or how bad your face looks. It disallows you to live life to your full potential. Nobody should have to go through that. We are all meant to live at our best with beautiful healthy skin! That is why I am willing to tackle this problem and endure the dryness all over again -- i'm thinking of that beautiful end result!



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