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47 Days! - Happy :)



I had a giant-I'm reluctant to say spot because it was more like a dune-but I had a large lump above my lip which surfaced a few days ago. However, when I washed my face water seeped out, but no pus or anything, just this transparent liquid. It's gone now anyway, replaced with some rough skin, but I like to think of it as my acne sobbing as it dies a slow, painful death laughs insanely before being dragged away by men in white coats...men drag her back so she can finish this blog entry.

I'm pretty chuffed at the minute because...FLASHBACK!:

Me: Comes home. Removes foundation. Has a nap. Wakes up.

Dad: "Want to have a walk down to Nana's?"

Me: Confused at why he'd even ask; I'd never go without my makeup on to cover my skin. "No..." performs sweep of face with hand *badass attitude required*

Dad: "What, you've taken your makeup off?" inspects face "I thought you still had it on!" :o

Me: :o

That was it. Sorry, no explosions and no Bruce Willis leaping in to save me from an inferno sweeping through my house. However, to me this was a big deal, and it made my day! :D

Also, my friend from school told me my skin looked good today, and instead of thinking 'they're just saying that to cheer me up' like I normally would I'm actually beginning to believe people because I can see results for myself too.

I worked out that if I'm on for Accutane for 4 months I'll be finishing my course around the 10th December, which got me really excited. I've even marked it down on my calendar :P Hoping I don't need to be on any longer than that but if my Derm thinks it's for the best I will, whatever will clear my skin up best really. Finishing early, before Christmas, would just be a major bonus.

Side Effects Update

I posted my side effects in my 24th September entry; I'll write how they're affecting me now.

  • Nausea-Gone completely.
  • Headache-Now and again, but they might not be linked with the Accutane.
  • Chest tightness-Gone completely.
  • Excessive sweating-Only upper lip/chin sweating.
  • Back/neck pain-Still present but a different sensation now, where my back feels tired and achy.
  • Dry skin/lips-The same.
  • Watery eyes-Not as bad now.
  • Easily fatigued-Still bad. Need at least 2hrs more sleep than usual to function (which means sleeping in accidently a lot)


Bet it's great when you see results, and even better when others see them as well and start complimenting you like that. Awesome! Just goes to show that it's worth it. And if you'll be done with time to spare before Christmas, you'll be able to enjoy the end of the year without worrying about your skin at all. What a reward that will be. Good times! :hifive:

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Accutane is definitely worth it Paul, I just hope when I'm clear my confidence returns. I've spent 6 years of being very self-conscious, the first three years due to being overweight which was brought on by injuring my back. I lost about 3 stone after sorting out my back and just before I could start feeling good about myself acne came in, giving me no gap to rebuild myself between. I'm scared in case I will always have that niggling insecurity about myself at the back of my mind which will stop me doing things I actually want to do. I don't know how to actually explain it but I feel like I have confidence, but next to no self-worth if you get me? Anyway, hopefully that will fade over time.

I'll post pics in my next blog entry for you faithgirl :lol:, and thanks!

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