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1 More Day Then Work Eeeeek



So I realized one more day then its work for a week hehe:P

its going to take some getting used to and i just reallllly want face to clear up now cant believe i just have tomorrow to hopefully clear alot more. i should have left skin alone without picking, quite annoyed at myself now as I have blood red marks all ove rthe show, they are flat but scabby and red eusa_wall.gif but as its been an emo time for me so i have been picking more.

sadly hubby and i fought again last night, sometimes i feel like such a loser and crappy wife, but i just pray harder that God would make me more into the woman that I am meant to be and less of a moany groany, i cant change myself only He can change me from inside. i just hate emotional crap to be honest its exhausting, takes its toll and today i really felt i couldnt move i felt so drained and exhausted but i kicked my own butt up and tidied bedroom and found out the fumigator dude is coming tomorrow thank goodness!! there has been an infestation of earthworms as well as baby roaches in the house over past few weeks and it drives me mad!!! i hate crawly stuff! im a real girl like that!! kiss.gif

on to happier things I just made the yummmmmiest dinner it was a healthy chicken lasagna made with mushroom soup super yumm!

think ill be going for seconds. other happy news is im down 2 kilos, im just eating healthier and last week treadmilled, im just to emo this week i cant make myself get on there. i want to push myself tomorrow though so i can get into the right frame of mind for work thurs....

its going to be quite the challenge i tell u , i have become quite used to chilling and starting cooking at 3 in afternoon, now ill only be getting home 6.30 ish :o what shall i do..... lol

no wonder i used to eat takeout so much makes sense to me. the great part is at least its only for a week now then im away in beautiful wilderness. also looking forward to seeing my folks sat eve for a braai and yummy lunch at a wine farm with hubby ( if he still wants to spend day with me then :/)

ok enough of my depressing drama lol

happy eve all!!cheer.gif


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