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Ok Im Over It :) 9 Weeks Today



So let me start off by apologizing for my incredibly emo blog yesterday i was really down...

Well good news is that today i feel better and hubby and i woke up and both apologized for being morons and fighting yesterday. i hate fighting with him, sometimes though i think its good to fight as it makes u realize what u have when you are both louzy to eachother :P

so onto the skin... yes ive been picking at scabs still but its all looking a bit better now and flattening out. its a rollercoaster for me because its always around lady time of month that things go haywire and i always feel shocked how quickly my smooth skin can become all bumpy and gross. it definately takes its toll on my confidence levels even though lately i push myself that much more then to go out. still feel insecure though when im chatting to people close up in comparison to when it looks better and then i have no issues with this.

im praying really hard that some miracle will occur and by thursday this week my skin will look glorious for when i start the job and have to start dealing with clients.

mmm what else can i share with u. its been a quiet day today, cleaned up and chilled a bit, did some washing. pretty boring really i tell u.

looking forward to chilling later and watching harrys law.

ill write again when i have something of interest to share waahaa.

bye now


No need to apologise, it's you're little space to write whatever you like!

Shouldn't worry about not having much to write about either. I was told that didn't matter at all! wink.png

I admire how you try and push yourself if ever your skin isn't quite as you'd like. I think we'd all instinctively do the opposite and shy away from things, so it's great that you try and carry on. That's my biggest problem, even the slightest issue with my skin is enough to make me want to hide away. Seems to have gotten worse as the years have passed actually. For what it's worth, I think your skin looks nice in your pictures and I remember that you'd had some good results the last time you posted progress pictures. smile.png

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yeah it has gone backwards since those pics, full of red marks again, but we must live life hey, we cant hide away,sometimes i think skin keeps me grounded hey...

not always in a good way , but hey ;)

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