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Day 139



It's official. I have the dreaded accurate side effect of flushing and red face. Ew. I even use GREEN makeup. It works for like 3 hours, then I go red again. Anyway my forehead has been a bit drier. It's peeling a little bit. It's clear though! Although there are a few small under the skin bumps. My right temple has a sore peeling spot. It hurts when I peel the skin off. My left temple is clear. I've noticed that I have several small pustules on the very very side if my face, along my hair line and by my ears. I don't mind them, cause I can't see them! My nose didn't peel at all today, but the past few days it has. My upper lip is clear!! Not even red marks:) I have a big pustule, actually almost like a mild cyst, on my upper left cheek. It's real pretty. My jawline is smooth. The red marks are decent some days, bad some days, and hardly existent other days. My right cheek is clear. The red marks are horrible, but they're getting better. The distinction around my eyes between the clear skin and red skin is horrible! The line is so sharp, it doesn't look natural. It looks like I wore sunglasses and got a burn. I'm using apple cider vinegar on it because it looks so bad. My jawline is nice and clear, but it feels sensitive. I'll probably break out there pretty soon. I have a couple of small pustules on my lips too. Speaking of my lips, they are becoming unbearably dry! If I don't moisturize them for an hour, they BURN! I don't mind applying Vaseline to them all the time though. Anyway my chin is disastorous. I have one huge pustule, and several smaller ones. They dry up, bleed, and peel. There are these two sections on my chin that look SO PEELY!! And after I peel them, they look red and raw. Under my chin is looking better though. The bumps are subsiding, and it's mainly just peely.


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