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Forgot To Add



I forgot to add that I am also a picker!!! if it comes to a head I have to pick it. I tell you, forcing myself not to pick is like trying to quit smoking! I quit smoking back in May. If i can do that I CAN stop picking right??


Well first of all, welcome to the regimen. I'm up to week 6 now, and I'm so pleased with the results so far. I'm not yet completely clear, but clear enough to not wear makeup without screaming. Thats a big deal for me, believe me.

I have no tips for you about picking....its something I'm yet to manage to stop doing myself, but yes, I would say that if you can quit smoking than you can do anything! :)

Just one observation from your blog, if you want to follow Dan's regimen exactly (or holy grail as you call it - i like!), than you may want to reconsider the 5% BP and reduce it to 2.5%. As you will be using a whole lot more than you have in the past, you may find that the 5% BP will be far too drying and irritating. You may only start getting unwanted symptoms such as red, flaky and 'burnt' skin after a week or so, especially if using the higher strength.

But regardless, I wish you all the best and I'll look forward to hearing about your progress!

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thank you :) and yes, I can already feel that this BP is too strong. my face is sloughing off dead skin and my neck is peeling. I went to Walgreens and the OTC BP is too expensive. I am going to order a kit from here as soon as I run out of my script. Figure if I pay $65/month for my script, I can afford $38 instead lol

**so glad to have comments :)**

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