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Zits Are Nasty Little Suckers....



LOL very mad at my zitty face mmm and myself for picking like mad. I reckon maybe its due to stress, i realize when i cant sleep or tend to stress i definately pick more. so im not going to waffle too much ( well ill try my best not to but cant promise :o)

Heres the low down:


  • Some of the big new zits have gone down alot but are all red and disgusting from me playing with face
  • the one under my nose ( well i had 2 big ones) have both gone down as i piled BP on 3 times during the night lol
  • today need to go for my eyetest and wondering if i will look like a flaky monster under my make up :)
  • today going to cancel my back massage when we go away as skins looking ugly on back and i definately dont want people touching it when it looks bad, sad i know, was meant to be couples massage but ill just book to have my toes done while hubby gets massage which he just loves. ive never actually had one cause have always felt self consious about back
  • forhead upper cheaks and nose all clear with the odd old faded scab so all the actions happening at the bottom of my face and i mean allllll cause it resembles an atomic explosion with red little fiery marks all over the show :/
  • today NO PICKING lots of water and treadmill again :) YES PEOPLE EVERY DAY THIS WEEK IVE EXCERSIZED WHOOP WHOOP AAAAAND I can feel my legs again which is great progress id say :)


    • So at 3am I wake up this morn to the sound of water pressure , like someones showering in our house, so I wake up hubby and he says its probably the rain and im like NO ITS NOT its definately our water running or neighbours, so he goes to check kitchen and lo and behold he stands in a puddle in the kitchen and it looks like a pipe has burst behind dishwasher, so here we are mopping up water on kitchen floor in scullery and we see that the garage is about 7cm deep in water as well:O sucky suck i tell you so today we shall be sweeping out the garage and if anythings damaged we will claim from insurance ( oooh ive never done that before moooore shoppping :)
    • um so eyetest today and then shop ( flip u people must think i have no life hey lol)well ill be happy to tell you I do, i promise :) I just like shopping relaxing cooking socializing and spending time with u fine people :)
    • so turns out my new boss for the 6 weeks is super flexible as ill be away and cant work the friday of the training week ill be working as follows: thurs fri next week, following mon-thurs and then th 8th Nov to the 15th dec, so at least ill finish up way before Christmas and can shop some more YAY!!
    • Sadly I wont have so much time to spend on this site when i am working so will have to make up for it inbetween... YES THATS RIGHT PEOPLE I might just irritate you a few more times a day hehehehe
    • lastly i would just like to apologise for bad grammar and spelling, i know i know, it can be annoying but i type fast and dont want to go back and read it all... so ull just have to live with it im afraid .... cool2.gif bye for now

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Uuhhh, what you mean you wont have as much time to blog? Unacceptable FG, totally unacceptable. So there! ;)

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