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Does Your Diet Cause Acne?



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Diet is a stimulus that produces an inflammatory response in your body thus causing acne. I believe that diet plays a huge role in causing and controlling acne.

Diet Theory 1:According to some doctors if you eat food that cause your glucose levels to rise you can get acne. This is an interesting theory which I believe has some merit. It's like diabetes, when your blood sugars rise it causes damage to your cells, which is why diabetics take insulin to lower their blood sugar levels so it doesn't do any damage to their cells or blood vessels. Well, what the diet theory in relation to acne is saying is that if your sugar (glucose) levels increase then the glucose causes damage (inflammation) to your sebaceous cells thus leading to overproduction in oil. So the debate over whether chocolate causes acne...well technically it doesn't but it does raise your glucose index thus leading to overproduction in oil thus leading to acne:(

Diet theory 2: Another diet theory mention that you may be allergic to certain foods thus causing an allergic reaction (inflammation) in your body, leading to an acne outbreak. I highly believe in this theory.

Personal experience:

When I first read about the relationship between food and acne it was overwhelming! I mean what did that mean...did I have to change everything I ate? I was willing to do what it took to keep my acne under control. So I researched which foods were the biggest culprits in causing a surge in glucose levels. During my research, I began to realize that ALL foods can cause a rise in glusose levels.

I started to keep a rough diary of what I ate for about a week. It makes no sense to adapt a new diet when all you have to do is modify your existing diet. I realized that I ate a very regular diet week after week. I began to notice that I ate bread in the morning almost everyday with eggs or cereal, for lunch I usually had a sandwich of some sort and for dinner a meat dish with either pasta or rice. The only fruits I ever ate were bananas, strawberries sometimes cherries. The point here is to look at what you eat and you'll realize that you pretty much eat a very consistent diet.

If you did a google search on glucose index and acne you will find lists of foods that are low in Glusose index. You can honestly go crazy trying to calculate your glucose index and trust me you don't have to nit-pick on every single food. The general rule of thumb is to eat in moderation.

Keep away from foods that have high glucose index such as starches for example potatoes, white enriched bread, white rice.

High sugar fruits such as oranges, pineapples, raspberries

Anything that has high content of sugar such as cookies, chocolate etc...

Substitute with: sweet potatoes, whole wheats breads and brown rice

Eat fruits such as blueberries,

nuts make excellent snacks

I also realized that I was allergic to certain foods. Now I don't know if I'm "Allergic" or is it a "food sensitivity"...what ever you call it I have noticed that I break out when I consume certain foods. The list of foods that I break out to are:

Dairy products: milk, yogurt, cheese

Wine or beer



Soy milk

I figured it out just by random. The days I had a real bad break out I would go through what I have eaten in the last 24 -48 hrs. Slowly I made a connection between the above mentions food and my acne break out. If you think you have a food "allergy" or food "sensitivity" try to avoid eating that food for a week and see what happens.

I had a food sensitivity test done by a homeopath and she mentioned that I was allergic to brewery yeast which explained why I would always break out after having wine or beer. Do I recommend getting a food sensitivity test by a homeopath...no. The methods she used were not supported by science and she missed my soy milk allergy.

Since I started to avoid dairy products I had to take a calcium supplement. The best are tums. Recently I switched to a product called CAL-MAG+1000 IU VITAMIN D3 LIQUID made by CYTO.MATRIX which is sold at natures source. This product gives me the daily requirements of calcium, magnesium and Vit D. The best part of this product is that it is in a liquid form which is good for better absorption by your body. If you are a tea drinker like me and would like milk for your tea try goats milk. I have not reacted to that.


1) Eat in moderation to keep glucose levels low.

2) Eat foods that are low in calories and sugars but are high in protein

3) Try to pin point which foods you may be allergic to and try to avoid them as much was possible.

4) Anytime you consume something new, wait 24-48 hrs to see if you react to an acne breakout.

GOOD READS: If you want more info on the glucose index diet check out he book "The Clear skin Diet" written by Alan C. Logan and Valori Treloar.

Another good book is "The Clear Skin Prescription" By Nicholas Perricone.

Check out my blog at

  • clear-skin-abbey.blogspot.com


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