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I Spoke To Soon...



Skin update:

  • I kid you not 6 YES I SAID 6 new big blind pimples magically appeared on my face last night.....
  • cant believe it was just yesterday i said how great it looked and how very quickly this face can change
  • plan: drink loads of water today, pile on the BP and pray it goes away... maybe cause ive been eating just veggies and salads for 2 days and drinking more water and excersizing, something that resembles a detox might be taking place??

    Life update:

    • Feeling chuffed today smile.png that i managed to walk into that interview and walk out 5 minutes later with the job, although I do not praise myself but thank my God instead as every good and perfect gift comes from him so thank you Lord
    • mmmm well i cancelled my eye test today, after shopping for 4 hrs straight in heels yesterday and taeboing like there was no tomorrow before my shopping spree, i couldnt move last night lol, and today just feel exhausted.
    • So im taking a me day... netvlieging away as my hubby calls it :smile.png and i have a date with the couch later to watch 90210, hellcats and whatever else my dear pvr has to offer wink.png
    • mmm tomorrow i shall shop for moms home decor....
    • think its been a while since ive uploaded any pics gasp.gif can you believe it??? so My friend as you shared your lounge with me here is mine xx ooh and just because i can.. here is Tulbagh valley where we went away to a couple of yrs back lol as well as simonstown


Hey! Just thought I'd encourage you. Congrats on the job! beautiful pics btw

I was on the DKR, and the only real bad breakout was week 2/3. After that skin was still crazy dry and sun beat red, but I was clear. The breakout may be a detox, or it may just mean you need to up the dosage. I think I remember reading you tried using honey? I believe that honey and manuka honey are not the same and don't work the same. I remember doing a honey mask right around the time of the regimen, and I broke out. Could have been the bp though....

Hopefull BP will just zap them! Just don't pick and they'll go away whistling.gif)

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oh no, I can't believe you've got 6 pimples coming up......that sucks, especially when you've been so diligent..... Well as Y3rfd0g says, hopefully the BP will get rid. FG, have you started using AHA yet? I'm finding that its making a big difference to the texture of my skin....maybe that will now start helping you now that you're so far into the regimen. Not sure where you will get it, apart from using Dan's though...Maybe others might know on the boards?

And hey, look at your lounge room. Me and you have the same tastes my friend. oh yeah. Love the potplant....puts ZooZoo to shame. Not that I would tell him that....xx

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Firstly lovely ladies, I actually think the 6 pimples are a combo of post that time of the month so must be a little hormonal, i always actually seem to break out in the week after ps.... also picking has definately not helped hey, everythings nice and blood red now :( what happens is as i squeeze them suckers im just spreading the germ and what do u know before long another 5 zits just like that first big sucker i started squeezing.. joys

i would so love to use dans stuff but A i dont think i can afford it on an ongoing basis with shipping. i think his stuffs probably better then than what im using as it really seems to stop stuff in its tracks.BP im not using a full finger, i just put alot on the actual pimples and thin layer everywhere else as it does dry skin but also cause I cant afford more than one lot a month and its a smallish tube see. AHA i still have questions like what brand should i use in south africa... and then what moisturizing lotion is good enough so skin doesnt break out or burn when you out etc.. ill post all this in my blog now though....

heehee my poor plants tend to live for a ltd time though inside then need replacing :) at my old job i loved the pot so much we organized for those offices then i decided i wanted one too :)

thanks for the encouragment gals... and flip i must just stop picking now, i think the family drama stressses me out then i tend to pick more when im overthinking lol !!

glad u like pics... so random but hey thats me :D xx

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hey FG, at least you are recognizing other factors in the cause for breaking out smile.png

I used to be very very bad at picking, more like when I wasn't conscious of it or when I was studying. So now, I usually have nuts or carrots I can nibble on lol so my hands feed my mouth instead of my hands being on my face lol. I think it's been better! I also picture that a horrible scar will be left if I touch it, so that also motivates me not to pick.

But if I have to pop a pimple, then I use a very sharp sewing needle, sanitize it with rubbing alcohol, wait for it to dry, just poke the center/head of the pimple, wrap my index fingers in toilet paper/tissue, and GENTLY but with downward and inward pressure, squeeze but stop if blood or yellow fluid comes. Then I carefully wipe with the tissue. This greatly reduces the damage that our fingernails cause, prevents the spreading of bacterial, and is less likely for the skin to scar. Then I put manuka honey on it.

About AHA, I would definitely wait at least another month before you try it...I was already burning my skin with BP, and used AHA only about 5 weeks after starting the regimen, and oh my gosh....my skin burned soooooo bad. But, AHA is actually very moisturizing itself. It seemed to break me out in tiny pimples when i was on the regimen, and I still have the same problem with it, so I just spot treat with it sometimes. It's really potent and definitely gives a strong "ZING!!!" lol

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