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Interview Day :o



So its interview day, feel weird about it, havnt been for an interview in like 4 yrs...

but its only for 6 weeks so what the yell, thats what i thought anyways..

so as bullet points are indeed easier to read here we go again( well done Les uve started something ...)

skin update:

  • happy today as everythings nice and flat sides of face and forhead are almost completely clear
  • chin and cheeks have scabs on which i havnt stopped picking at so red but flat and a little flaky
  • overall happy with progress and now just stop picking u freak!!

    life update:

    • still angry and sad at my mother in law
    • nervous for interview but i dont NEED the job so im looking at it differently than i usually would when going for an interview and needing the bux
    • oooooh i got on the treadmill last night, he was very happy:)
    • ooooh i woke up did taebo and then had fresh fruit salad which im still chomping on :)
    • mmmmmm going to shops after interview to find some decor for my folks lounge, hoping all this will lift moods a bit and feel alot better after last nights gathering,was awesome praying for others and taking my mind off self for a while:)
    • ok thats it again.... till later


Hi nice the bullet points! haha.

Exercising, job interviewing, taebo and fruit salading...look at you go miss. I'm very proud! :-)

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I think I'll reply in the standard format so as not to join the Bullet Point Gang, I'll leave that for you bloggers. wink.png

Good to hear you're happy with your skin. Sure you can get away from picking, it just takes a bit of time, The good thing is that once you break that cycle and things heal faster, there's less and less to pick, meaning things only keep getting better. It's just that initial phase which seems to be the hardest part, breaking the habit.

Hey! What happened to moving on from the mother-in-law situation?! eusa_naughty.gif Let it go, not worth the energy. Same for the interview - let go of the nerves and just give it a try. Go with the flow and see where it leads. Either way, it would be an experience and something to learn from. But if you put yourself forward and give it your best, no reason why they wouldn't take you on. If not, let us know and we can send Lesley over to give them a piece of her mind! biggrin.png

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heehee quite the over achiever i am :P

so I got it!! :) yaaaay ( I THINK) SHOOOOPPPING

Already bought some nice stuff ull hear all about in my next blog!!

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Oh look at us three amigos all online together smile.png Except you both know how to do smiley's in comments. (over achievers the both of you). Hey Paul, what you trying to say about me?!?!

Edit: And now I've just noticed your comment FG about getting it. Wooohoooo...well done girl. High five!

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and Paul where is your blog? u little stalker u, reading all our crazy chick problems and we dont know what alls happening there from teh man perspective wahahahah!

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I got it!! smile.png yaaaay

Yay! Well done! hifive.gif

Hey Paul, what you trying to say about me?!?!

Oh, I just figured you'd be better than me at putting them in their place, Lesley. You did say you like to talk, you'd have been able badger them into giving FG the job. wink.png Not that we're needed now, seeing how FG was evidently awesome!

and Paul where is your blog? u little stalker u, reading all our crazy chick problems and we dont know what alls happening there from teh man perspective wahahahah!

I was happy enough, just sitting, stalking, reading crazy chick problems... I don't mind that bit, seem to be able to help others better than I can help myself. :lol:

As for me keeping a blog, it would make for a very boring read. Unless you want to hear about my very rare and equally as awkward social experiences, my ability to dislike myself over even the slightest blemish, or how I'm generally rather lost and confused with regards to this game of life, I don't suppose it would be much fun to follow. But, should things turn around one day and I actually have something positive and worth writing about... blogs away! razz.gif

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well u make for a really good commentator i tell u that much.. very encouraging, kind without being pushy or flirty... so well done!!! u have more going for u than you think, so dont pull yourself down. kindness is a great thing to offer and says alot about ur character....

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I flirt with you FG and I'm positive that you've not minded...hahaha.

And Paul, you say you don't blog because you dont have anything to write about. Umm...have you not noticed that I blog about pot plant purchases? Do you see what I'm saying here? Do you?

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