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Mmhmm....day 16



So i got a couple new brake outs yesterday .... one right by my temple (which looks bad) but it dried up and didnt turn into the infected looking kind lol. And the other on my lower lip and its almost gone. Now im noticing a few black heads on my cheeks .... which they might have always been there , but black heads never really worried me so much as the gigantic white heads that were ever present. Now im wondering if the reg gets rid of those too or just the other ones. It seems like my scaring is taking a little longer to go away than normal, and that might also be because i normally dont worry about it ( their easy to hide with makeup) But since my face isnt all broke out like it used to be i think its just me finally realizing how much i really have. Oh i finally got my 2.5% bp !!!! So i just put some on , so lets see how my skin reacts with a lower amount .... i started with 10% bp and been using it up to this date. No difference really when i applied it, felt more mask like than the other but that also might have to do with it being a different brand. Still excited about the results im seeing !!!!

Still makes me feel weird writing about my acne !!! Like who really wants everyone to know about their brake outs. But i have to keep telling myself that its for my own benefit so i can keep track on my progress. BC if this doesnt work its back to the doctor to try some more meds. Which i really dont want to do , bc the common factor is after most people stop taking them their acne comes right back. Id rather have a lifetime of face wash routine, than have to keep taking pills the rest of my life (way to many side affects) And accutane wasnt the answer for me. SO COME ON REG .... IM COUNTING ON YOUboogie.gif


I'm so happy that you're seeing improvement. I'm sure your skin overall will be thankful for the 2.5% BP....far less drying.

And yes, isnt amazing, once you have less active pimples to worry about, you start noticing other things like blackheads and how long 'dry' pimples take to heal. No keeping us happy :) Anyway, I'm really glad to read about your results.

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Thanks Resery !!!! Yea the only think weird about the 2.5 is that my face felt gunky .... literally to the touch when i put a good amount on, so im a little confused about that. And yes you are right :) Thanks for the support :) !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh, I found the original BP i was using that I purchased from the chemist (Benzac) was really gloopy on my face. Dan's BP on the otherhand sinks in really well.

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ah !!! Okay so thats good to know .... i just grabbed some at the drug store , so ill order his ... i thought it was just me or something. THANKS A BUNCH !!

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