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It's Been A While, Sorry....



So I've been using St. Ives green tea clear skin body scrub, and it seems to work pretty well if I use it in conjunction with an AHA or a BHA cream afterward.

The thing that really seemed to get my back and chest clear, though, was AcneFree's new BPO foam - it's called something like AM treatment or whatever, and it's in a little mousse can. I really like it - it soaks in thoroughly, isn't too drying and is easy to apply. It does work well on my body acne. My chest is completely clear, and I have two cysts on my back with the odd speckle, but otherwise ok. For a while I was showering twice a day, and that really seemed to work, but it's not practical - besides, when I stopped, it started coming back again, which just pissed me off.

In other news...

MY FACE IS GOING BONKERS. I'm 34; I don't know if I'm being hit by adult onset or what, but I've been breaking out on my chin really badly for the past few months. It's almost that time of the month, so it makes sense right now, but honestly, I just wish it would all stop...

I need to take better care of my skin, and also myself. I need to drink more water and exercise more to get my pores clean.

So... still using St. Ives Green Tea Clear Skin Body Scrub and Paula's Choice BHA Body Treatment, which is good for little spots. Cysts need more. I have a tube of bactroban that I use on the big cysts when I get them, or I use Staphoseptic ointment. I use that on top of either salicylic acid or BPO. see, I'm so inconsistent. I'm a mess.


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