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Slight Improvement



I wore makeup today. DOOOH!!! It was for my sanity. My skin actually looked much better and I felt confident lol. The reason why I wore it is because talking with new patients at the hospital is very difficult and stressful for me anyway. If I have zero self esteem then it honestly affects the way I can care for my patients. As soon as I got home today, I used the bioderma to remove makeup, rinse my face, pat dry, and then apply manuka honey with a few drops 100% TTO.

The bumps along my hairline and jawline seem to have gone away, but there are still slight clogged pores. I stopped using jojoba oil to remove makeup about a week ago, and nearly all the clogged pores have diminished 50%.

DOWNSIDE!!!! I have a huge forming inflamed zit on the corner of my mouth on my upper lip. It hurts lol. It's throbbing!!! There is not even a hint of a head, and is slowing forming. I know if I put AHA it will come to a head like the next day, but then I have to pop it which will create a huge crater in my face lol.....so I'll skip it. I'm guessing it is just a cluster of clogged pores, probably from not wiping my mouth correctly when eating. Or it could be from using my mom's shiseido powder foundation a few weeks ago for a few days while my new makeup arrived. It definitely could have clogged my pores.

Anyways. Forhead is 100% clear and smooth and glowy. :)I'm still using veltin on my forehead, and now i'm daring to use it on my temples. I've been doing manuka honey masks daily, one day I did it twice, usually for 30 minutes to an hour. The bumps and redness has diminished a lot, and my skin is smooth and hydrated again.

The moisturizer doesn't seem to cause problems as I initially did. I realized that even if my skin feels oily, I still need to moisturize. My skin actually seemed more oily because I wasn't moisturizing. What's amazing about the moisturizer is that my skin doesn't feel "clogged" or that it's suffocating. Most sunscreens were actually causing me to sweat a lot more- probably because it was blocking my pores. Has anyone else experienced this? I didn't know my skin could fee so free! lol AND, with this moisturizer my skin isn't a huge greaseball at the end of the day.

My urges to go and buy liquid makeup are pretty much ruled out now :) So today is much better than yesterday. SKin isn't perfect, but I'm not looking for that. I can choose to be more and more obsessed about my skin, or I can just do whatever I can to prevent it and treat it, read everything, carefully eliminate and experiment moderately, and continue finding my cure. I am determined to continue...and I'm thankful that my skin is probably the best it will look right now...until I try another treatment of something.

Looking forward to the derm in two dayS!!!!!


Hi. I was just catching up on a few blogs and saw yours, thought I'd drop by. biggrin.png

I notice your into the whole Manuka/Tea Tree thing. I use it as well. Started a couple of months ago and I'm pleased with it. Not entirely sure how well it improves my skin because I'm taking Doxycycline as well, so it's hard to know just how much influence the new regimen has, but I certainly like the way it makes my skin feel. I was going to add some up to date pictures to my gallery, but I don't suppose people would be able to tell from a picture that I think my skin feels nice and soft! rolleyes.gif

I've been adding a small amount of Jojoba to the honey when I apply it and have had hardly any dryness since I started. The horrible combination between oily and dry skin balanced out as well. It all makes me wonder how much damage the chemical products I used for so many years were doing. I reckon they probably encouraged the oiliness and only ever made the dryness worse. Maybe natural stuff is the way to go. Plus the honey tastes nice, that's a bonus! wink.png

As far as Jojoba is concerned, I think that it's clogged my pores and I haven't broken out as a direct result, but I do find that because it's an oil, it does leave a slight residue behind. So if you've been using it as a makeup remover, although it's going to clear your face of that, it is also going to leave something behind. Perhaps it's not the Jojoba itself which causes the clogged pores, but what you use it for and the frequency with which you use it. I could be talking rubbish, but it's just a thought...

I guess that kind of sums up what our journeys are all about, trial and error. That's the annoying part really because it takes time and patience to work out what works best for us and what we should avoid. It's frustrating because we probably just want to get as clear as we can as quick as we can. Then again, if we achieve that goal eventually, that's the main thing I suppose, regardless of how long it takes.

Credit to you for trying to go without makeup. I can't relate to that side of things myself, but I imagine it's a bit of a trap sometimes because although it can help cover things and reduce any resulting insecurities, it probably makes problem skin worse as well, which only makes the whole unfortunate experience last long. But, it's admirable that you would recognize the influence not wearing it has on your job, and that it could impact on those you work with given the nature of your job. Maybe the makeup is something you can phase out a little at a time; a gradual process which you can get used to so that you're not putting pressure on yourself to go cold turkey, so to speak. For what it's worth, I saw your pictures and I think you're pretty, with or without makeup. I honestly think that people see us differently to how we see ourselves, it seems hard to look beyond our own skin sometimes.

Hope all goes well with your derm and that you get what you ask for. There's always something else to try so all you can do is keep going and see where it leads. Best of luck!


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Hey Paul, I really appreciate your comment. It shows a lot of thought went into it. Ya I kept reading about manuka honey and really wasn't expecting it to work, which is why I'm excited. I don't think it is good for preventing acne, but it is really good at healing pimples and reducing redness- at least for me.

Ya, maybe jojoba oil isn't bad or skin or causing breakouts, but I think the amount I was using was a lot or too much, causing clogged pores. I don't mind the clogged pores I guess, but the ones on my cheeks appear if I streth my skin- otherwise you can't see them lol. It's only when I start messing with them or put some medicine on them that they become pimples....so...clogged pores which reduce the glow of my skin, or a pimple that will heal and hopefully not scar lol. I guess I choose my battles. So with that said, I use a drop maybe 2 when I do the mask, but I don't use it to remove makeup anymore.

So makeup. Ya, easing myself off of it is much easier than just automatically stopping. But I've really grown in letting just even one other person see me without makeup...now I can go in front of my whole class. That's huge.

Ya, I see him tomorrow, so I'm just praying he can really listen to my concerns. In august when I saw him, he prescribed veltin (like retin-a) and Duac, and gave me samples to try. I told him that I have a very high sensitiity if not allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide and if there was something else, and he said just try it but use a tiny bit. BAD IDEA. Used it once on one spot on my chin and it itched and turned red and bumpy. Awful. So I hope he listens to me this time. Either that or I need to be more clear of my concerns.

Thanks for your encouragement! I agreee with you on using more natural and less harsh methods/chemicals on the skin. And you too! Good luck with your regimen

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