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Accutane Day 105



I just returned from a beach vacation in the Caribbean - and definitely saw the effects of Accutane - both good and bad. I decided to keep it to 30mgs a day instead of my prescribed 60mgs - just to minimize dryness.

To start with the good, my face usually massively breaks out on planes. But no problems this trip! I had one tiny little pimple develop in the middle of my chin, but I popped it, and it has already healed. Sitting in the sun also used to cause major breakouts - but again no problem! Still clear!!! Woot!!! Also, I didn't have too much of a problem with dry lips. I brought my vaseline everywhere - and bought SPF50 chapstick, so they were ok. My skin also just feels so smooth and soft to touch. I love it!!

Now the bad part - I still have redmarks, so I couldn't go out without my makeup and am still self-conscious about it washing off while I'm in the water. Also, I used SPF 85 for a boat trip (granted I was outside all day) and I came back so, so, so sunburnt!! Most places on my body aren't too bad, but places I missed with the sunscreen look almost purple - and they hurt! Bad. Bad. Bad. Aloe is my only friend. I know people noticed that it was weird that I just burnt since I kept applying sunscreen. I don't usually burn like this - I usually tan! So this was really weird.

Back on the 60mgs again starting today. Here's hoping for a month of clear skin so I can be off of Accutane soon!


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