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8 Weeks 1 Day :p



So On the skin front we have:

  • a few new white heads which i squished to death ( or not)
  • red flaky marks which are pretty flat
  • a few scabs which are just plain ugly
  • and thats that cant say its any better or worse than the last few reports....

    news on the life front as follows:

    • job interview tomorrow for a 5 week position, some extra bux before Christmas cant hurt :)
    • feel judged and irratated by mother in law and pretty emo past 2 days thanks to that
    • contemplating when to have a baby
    • wondering how said pregnancy would impact my face lol ( caaan u believe it!!! i knw!)
    • thinking when im going to get off my bum and go buy some soup for supper
    • excited for worship at church tonight
    • looking forward to fancy picnic in stellenbosch on weekend
    • looking forward to getting new set on contacts as current trial pair is scratchy and irritating
    • thinking what else to write here
    • .... ok thats it... im out of info.....
    • have a great eve everyone grinwink.gif


Hurray for bullet points! :D

Best of luck for the job interview! I had an interview today. The job wasn't quite as advertised and it's not really what I'm looking for, but it's all practise and experience.

I won't mention the other stuff, I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of the mother in law! ;) Don't let it bother you though, I'm sure you're fine as you are!

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easier to read hey :) maybe all our blogs should be bullet points lol,I have this crappy habit of not using grammar properly etc so maybe this is the answer to keep to the point and stop waffling on about rubbish ... mmm i tend to do that even with the bpoints though :P

thank u, well ill be praying that something great comes along for you really soon....chin up ...

wahaha she is usally really sweet actually and we have a great relationship except on the odd occassion where i feel totally belittled and that my motives are judged then i just see red and need to pray for help to forgive lol, ill get there...!anyways moving on....:)

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