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Stop Looking At Me Swan!



So today I am very tired so this will be a short post right, alrighty then.More tired than ever and my long days at work aren't helping,

My skin is veryvery dry i have tomoisturise everytime Iget out of the shower and my face is flaky and I have dry patches on my neck, behind my ears, pretty much everywhere. Dandruff has returned and my hair feels drier and drier everyday, Acne is fluctuating is ok at the moment, I only seem to be getting small outbreaks around my nose, but everytime I feel a cyst comi9ng up i get onto it with an icecube and take some Ibuprofen and that seems to decreasse the severity, redness and inflammation.

It really is frustratin having acne at my age, so much work and effort i have to put in just to look somewhat presentable, constantly worrying that ppl don't take me seriously or are thinkin why is his skin like thathe doesn't wash,does drugs or eats too much junk and other ppl don't do sh!t and they have awesome skin, I mean Im eating super healthy, taking care not to irritate or touch my skin too much washing and moisturising and a countless bunch of other treatments I've tried in the past. But Im yet to see myself completely clear, I feel like I am being punished for something I have done, maybe in a past life. Hey but atleast this seems to be helping a bit. Oh well this blog turned into a Dr Phil sesh, also I got anew laptop and the spacebar is small and I haven't got use to it yet. Bye ...


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