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Day 15! Retin A & Clindamycin



hey guys,

sorry its been a while, so today is my 15th day on retin a and clindamycin. I honestly feel disgusting

I have more acne than I've had in a really long time & my face is constantly oily and greasy looking.

I wish i didn't have to go to school and work but that's life. I believe this stuff should start kicking in soon

and I don't want to loose hope. However, as of today I am completely, step by step changing my diet.

a.) Drink 16 oz. (2 full cups of my water bottle) of water

b.) Eat 2 fruits and one vegetable a day

c.) Change my pillowcases more frequently (I know this has nothing to do with my diet) lol

I really pray that this product allows me the luxury of having clear skin so I can fully start

living my life!


sick of acne


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