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I've still been using Dr. Bronner's to wash morning/night, Neutrogena Oil Free for moisture, and 10% BP for spot treatment twice a day. There haven't been any huge improvements, except maybe that some of the spots on my cheek finally dried out and the parts of my face that don't have acne on them are really beautiful and glowy. Nothing has gotten worse, either... so I guess that's a plus. haha!

I did buy some organic raw local honey to use as a face wash (I couldn't find manuka) and a vial of tea tree oil to use as spot treatment. I have a small amount of Avalon Organics Lavender leftover to use as moisture, too. I really want to make the more natural/holistic thing work, I'm just terrified of making any sudden moves when it comes to my skin. I'm afraid to freak it out! I ordered my vegan DHA vitamins off of amazon and they're scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so maybe I'll switch up my skincare routine once I start taking those?

I've been vegetarian for years and years, on and off vegan, so normally I'm quite good about reading labels et cetera.... but today I totally scarfed down some GF popcorn chips that most definitely contained some sort of whey. Bummer. Other than that, the GF vegan diet is going well. it really works for me in terms of making my body feel its best, and I'm hoping my skin will follow suit.

Anyway, that's all for today. not much to report but I hope there will be soon!


hey girl you're lucky you can use BP :) I was able to use it in high school, but now my skin gets this patchy itchy rash :( Good luck! if I wasn't allergic to it, I would still be on the regimen and probably clear lol

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Thanks for the encouragement, haha! BP of course makes my skin REALLY dry, flaky, and red if I use too much of it. I'm not a fan. have you used tea tree oil as topical before? does it work? I'm so scared to try it!

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The honey is worth a go. I use Manuka and I like it. Any honey will do the job, just perhaps not as affective. But you could try putting a few drops of Tea Tree into the honey when you apply it to your face. That way, you're adding the extra antiseptic element to the honey which is great and it'll allow your skin to get used to it. Then you could use Tea Tree as a topical. It's strong stuff so you only need a little. You can just apply it directly to a pimple and it will start to dry out.

Should be fine with the honey Sarah, and it shouldn't clog pores so don't wouldn't worry. You could start out if you wanted by using it just once a day and using your old regimen the other time. That's what I'm doing at the moment; using my old face wash in a morning and then the honey at night. The honey could double up as mask as well. I've added a few drops of Jojoba oil on occasion, if my skin's dry. That works well, too.


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