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Day 133



Ew my skin is so red! It's putrid. I'm not burned at all, it just must be the flushing effect. My skin had been a bit oily lately. It's not bad, but it's weird because it used to be as dry as a bone. Anyway my forehead is doing great, the breakout is completely gone! Also, it gets less and less peely every day. Even the section by my eye brow that would peel insanely doesnt peel anymore! The red marks on my forehead are so faded, they're practically not even there. I have a couple of sensitive small red bumps by my right eye, but they're tiny. I have a miniscule dry bumpy breakout on the edge of my left jawline, right under the ear. I also had a small pustule on my upper left cheek. The red marks on my left cheek are doing AMAZING!:) they are so faded! I love it! In fact, it almost looks NORMAL. My nose is getting bumpy and peely again. But not as bad. I had a pustule on my upper left nose (by my eye) and now it's a small scab. Cute. My upper lip has had a few pustules lately, but they're completely gone (red marks and all) within a few days. My right cheek is basically clear, a few miniscule bumps but who even cares. My new peely section is next to my right eye. I also have a sensitive scab/bump next to my right eye that used to be a pustule. I have a couple of tiny tiny tiny bumps on my right jawline. The red marks on my right cheek are HORRIBLE! I have perfect clear white skin under my eyes, and then a sharp line where the red marks are down to my upper lip. It's horrible looking. My jawline has that one really dark red mark and everywhere else is just covered with splotchy red marks. I haven't found a makeup yet that covers them well. And I'm saving the best for last: my chin. It is horrible!! I have like 5 BIG sore pustuley, scabby, peely zits. They look horrible and they aren't healing very fast. Also the area below my chin has gotten much much much worse. There are several big under the skin lumps, and lots of regular red bumps and some scabby old pimples. It's disgusting. As for side effects, my back pain isn't as bad, my hair is getting oilier, my lips are hardly chapped, and my skin is hardly dry! I guess I'm pretty lucky:)


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