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Inside And Out: What Has Helped Me...

Aloooohaaa all,

Just a summary of what i have found and what has recently helped very much!!!!

  • Acne is not a disease in itself but a symptom of a disease just as hives are a symptom of an allergic reaction that is different with each individual
  • Some of the main diseases associated: hormone imbalance, liver problems, digestive problems, gum disease and related dental problems, and hirutism (not sure of spelling), thyroid problems, stress, nutrient deficiency, water deficiency, topicals, etc. you must find your source and that is best done through blood tests, skin tests, physicals, ask your physician or endocrinologists...dermatologists will most likely give you band-aids without really getting to the root of the problem...so id advice against or if you must, consult along with an endrocrinologist/nutritionist
  • External treatments work but only as a band-aid...i do not advice against but if you must use topicals (sometimes it helps psychologically, makes us feel like we are doing something proactive) use in conjuction with internal treatments for full long term benefits and a healthier you overall
  • Food does not cause acne but they may exacerbate your underlying condition which leads to acne
  • your body is made to heal itself but it can't do that if you do not support it, make those healthy changes not only will your complexion benefit but your mood and overall well-being will as well.

    Ok here is what has really made a dramatic change...drum roll....GREEN SMOOTHIES!!!

    I make homemade kind that way i know for sure what is inside. At first was a drag but as i noticed my skin and overall health improving (more energy, clarity) i have become ocd about having it daily. here is what and use and why

  1. kelp, spinach, or choi sum : loaded with chlorophyll, vitamin A, C, good for healing and exfoliation, balancing hormones, antioxidants
  2. Bananas: potassium(i dont know if it helps skin) vitamins c, a, b. fiber, helps makes my smoothies yummy and creamy
  3. apples: a, c, fiber. i dont know why but when i eat it or drink apples my complexion always clears, helps me wake up too
  4. strawberrys:vitamin c
  5. optional: blueberries, cantaloups, grapes (great for skin)
  6. Some sort of liquid: milk if you not allergic, rice milk, soy milk, hemp milk...juice..yogurt whatever meets your taste or body type
  7. ice!

now i can't remember the full benefits of each, i just know when i researched these ingredients they had most of the nutrients our body's need to work in harmony. If anything our body's main needs are water, vitamins a, c, e, b, zinc, not to say ignore other vitamins but these ones are the super troopers. Since drinking green smoothies i feel awesome and am looking awesome!!! happy smoothing...i encourage all to watch..fat sick and nearly dying...

This may not work for everyone, idk...depends what your problem is. My problem is hormonal and lifestyle wise...i dont eat enough fruits, veges, and drink enough water in a day..i suffer from cystic acne, blackheads, humongous pores, facial hairs, and terminal hairs where they shouldn't be so. So if anyone has similar symptoms it may work for you..


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