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Day 14 ...ow La La



Sooooooo end of day 14 - yea this blog is going to be boring but meh. Keeping track .....OOOO just realized i hit my 2 week mark woot woot ....:hifive: ive stayed on track with the reg, which is pretty impressive for me, not getting lazy .NO new brake outs , what ..... ? 2 days in a row ??? Sure this isnt a dream :) Cant say i even remember the last time i didnt wake up to a new brake out every morning, but 2 days ? Wow :pray: :banana:Normally on days like this where im running around like crazy at work inside and out i typically come home to a new pain in the ... on my face. Not to mention i put heavier makeup on then i have been doing during this reg. So im kinda impressed.So i have to share what bothered me yesterday that totally set me back from coming close to taking the step of not wearing any makeup to see the full results..... So i have been horribly sick these past few days ( today is the first day im starting to feel like im getting back to my normal self) Well i went to the doctor yesterday morning right before i went to work , which made me a little late no big deal. But i decided since i was running late id just finish getting ready at work and head straight to work from the doctors office. Well when i arrived all my fellow supervisors and big boss' were in the office. I walked in and i swear i got a comment from every single one of the on how horrible i looked. I forgot my doctors note , so when i went to one of them and said hey ill bring you the doctors note tomorrow, the response i got was, " NO need you can take one look at you and tell your not doing so well" REALLY !!! He said it in a joking manor so i kinda srugged it off bc we are quite fun loving and give each other a hard time every chance we get :box: . Well went down the hall to say hi the my other boss , and got asked if i had been tanning, ( WHICH I HAVENT) cause my face looked so freakin bright red. Not sure if it was from embarr. or the fact that i was sick, or no makeup. Anyways got those kinda of hello's from several people... so i quickly went down to my office, threw some makeup on to make myself feel better ......anyways im hoping the comments really were bc i was feeling so freakin horrible bc of the sickness. But it really did make me wonder if it was bc i chose not to put on any makeup, which i dont think anyone at work has ever seen me without. So i think ill give my skin a couple more weeks so the scaring kinda fades a little before i jump on the no makeup wagon.Anywho, im still happy with the results ive gotten from the reg these past couple of weeks.:Siava:


I've gotten the same thing sometimes when I don't wear make up. "ohh you must be sick." "You can tell you don't feel good." "aww poor thing, you need to be at home in bed." I ALWAYS play it off and say "Yea I dont feel good." hahaha!

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