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Day 31-Survived The Exfoliation



I probably won't be doing much blogging over the next week as I'm on holiday visiting my parents in Scotland/attending a friend's wedding but will try to give at least one update.

The day after my recent exfoliation horror wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be, I didn't get more red or spotty but just felt like my skin was burning with the BP. All the same I won't be trying that again.

I got one new spot yesterday but no others so my skin is looking okay, not clear but a million times better than it has been for months. I am quite flaky today (both mentally and skin-wise!) so maybe I need to moisturise more, I'm wearing all black today and look like I have dandruff. I never thought I would be the victim of face dandruff!

On a more personal note I went to see a magic show today with hubby and daughter and learned how to make balloon animals! I don't know why we got turd coloured balloons to make the parrots though. I also bought a pressure cooker; sounds really boring but I'm well excited! I was always scared of those things exploding but I found out that the new ones have safety valves and don't do that anymore. Imagine, bolognese sauce in 30 minutes, pot roast in 45 minutes, stew in 10 minutes, soup in 5.....how did I live without one for so long? I made a delicious bean and sausage casserole in 10 minutes today and it tasted as though I'd been slow cooking it for 3 hours. If you don't have one, get one now!!!

I'm almost all packed and ready for a long 9-10 hour drive tomorrow. I will try to resist looking in the car mirror at my skin. I swear they make me look much worse than I really do, like aeroplane toilet mirrors, they magnify every zit and mark and shadow. I think I will make excuses not to drive....


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