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What Ive Learned And Seen:)



So, been a few months? Well, Erythrmycin made my skin look wonderful. Than i went off of it in mid September, my skin freaked out a bit, but it got better. Im still left with this one red zit on the side of my nose thats been here for over a month. But I am so comfortable without completely perfect skin these days. Yeah, Im gonna get pimples. But if i have one pimple, I dont care as much as I used t. I realized freaking out, does NOT solve anything. I also realized osmetimes when all else fails, you just gotta leave it the fuck alone. Becuase your skin knows what its doing. So here I am today, with beautiful skin, and I say beautiful also considering that red month long papule on my cheek. Becuase no one cares. noeither do I. I still look great. And after coming back to school,i saw that EVERYONE was with acne. Some the same as me, some with sadistaclly nice skin, and some with owrse (if not most) So I look around and IM like "Oh, No one cares, no one sees:)"

Yeah, I get a little stressed when all fo the sudden a bunch of new ones start coming, but I calm out and they get better.

I hope all of you find that worryings not gonna change it, and you shoudlnt let acne prevent you from smiling and going out in the sun. Because thats what people notice:)

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It is hard to practice being positive about it - I know I really struggle sometimes - but I'm glad to hear that you're finding peace with your skin and learning to like who you are regardless of what your skin may look like from time to time. Good for you. Long may this approach continue. :)

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