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Gonna Try Wearing No Makeup/foundation



So...this is probably the most humbling part of my journey to clear skin....wearing no makeup.

I know this takes a commitment. It is the only thing I HAVE NOT tried, and I've been wearing it since I started getting acne--- 11-12 years old. Maybe whatever makeup I use will always cause clogged pores/irritation/breakout. I realized last night that the little tiny tiny bumps/little red pimples that are in areas where I NEVER breakout are probably from the makeup. I thought it was from the Pratima sunscreen, but I continued to breakout after stopping it for about 2 weeks. I started using rejuva minerals and the new sunscreen at the same time, and thought it was the sunscreen (which is still likely).

My two best friends that are on the regimen don't wear makeup. One friend, who told me and my other friend about it, stopped wearing makeup when she was on the regimen, and her face is nearly flawless and always glowy. My other friend still is on the regimen and stopped wearing makeup as well and doesn't have the same breakouts she did. Both of their skin is gorgeous. Granted, it's the BP that is probably preventing the pimples, but it's just something I've noted. And I've had many friends from Europe who don't wear makeup, and have no acne/very minor acne. hmmm.....maybe I'm on to something.

I just bought a new container of rejuva minerals, after being "satisfied" with the sample, and it was over 30 bucks. :( There are no refunds or returns. Oh well. Maybe if I have a special event I will keep it. I just thought since it is has no mica, no preservatives, and is gluten free that it would be better for my skin..... :(

So, my forhead is virtually clear again- no pimples or bumps, but the skin looks a little red/raw from the veltin causing it to peel. Today, I decided my skin was too dry and I didn't want it to lead to irritation, so I put on the sunscreen all over. I actually like the way it feels. This is the first day in about 2 weeks that I haven't worn moisturizer. I feel like it actually sinks in my skin, and not just on top of it like other moisturizers. It's very light and non greasy. Hmmm hopefull doesn't break me out.

I'm so tempted to run to the bathroom and cover up....but...my face isn't that bad right now, and when I was on the regimen my skin look much much worse and I didn't wear makeup...so ...I think I'll live. Maybe I can try to go 2 weeks without wearing makeup...Lord help me! lol

ok. thats it. just wanted to share my journey and things I'm changing, and give other women ideas of maybe doing the same.


ooo you are a brave soul :) i really want to do the same , im only on my second week of the reg. but hoping that it clears up enough for me to be confident enough to do the same . But im like you i really think my makeup or any makeup has ALOT to do with it. So maybe i need to take the dive and see what happens. Pls keep updating so that way i know if it made a huge diff for you

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I've only worn makeup once in my life (on my wedding day- maybe I'll post pics because my skin looked GORGEOUS that day. key word: looked. haha). I still have awful, awful skin. Yesterday, I knew I was going to be meeting a lot of new people and was terrified of them judging me for my bumpy skin. So I broke down and bought a tube of Natureluxe. It's sheer to medium coverage, I think.... and though I felt good knowing that a lot of my redness was camouflaged, I think wearing no makeup is ultimately the best choice for me. I love when my skin can breathe, ya know? Plus, it makes little to no sense to spend so much time, money, and research figuring out what skin care products work for acne, only to slather on makeup that probably only contributes to the problem. Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm just sayin, good luck to you on wearing no makeup! I fully support you :)

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Thanks ladies :-) well I have to admit, that to class this morning and with some friends I didn't wear makeup. I realized that no one really cares. They actually probably think, "oh wow....she has terrible skin!" but of course no one says anything.

And I realized that many many people have acne-whether it's very light or moderate, but girls wear heavy foundation so that you won't see it but in certain lighting. Oh...I wish how I could cake it on again. :(

I have to admit though, that I went to a friends birthday party at his house, and so I just brushed on some makeup to ease the redness. I don't think it would have helped, but it made me feel less self-conscious for a few hours.

Then I saw this girl that always has absolutely glowing flawless skin. And she wears makeup but doesn't need to. She is just so gorgeous with a big smile, pearly white teeth, perfect eyebrows, etc... And then I started to get really self conscious...so I left the party. :(

Now I washed my face and am wearing manuka honey mask. I just wanna crawl in bed and never come out. :( I'm sick of this, but hopeful that it won't last forever, and acne is as big a deal as i make it out to be.

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